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3 Facebook Tips For Staffing Firms

July 14, 2022
Phil Cohen
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Developing a Facebook page for your staffing firm can be the perfect way to boost your online recruitment efforts.  Aside from establishing connections with prospective candidates, the Facebook timeline is a great place for showcasing a strong company reputation online. Additionally, having a social media profile provides staffing firms with another outlet for advertising new job opportunities, as well as upcoming events.

However, because many staffing companies are still concerned about their online reputation, many of them are hesitant when it comes to creating their own Facebook page.  Although this social media network enables fans or prospective candidates to exchange viewpoints about your company, the benefits associated with opening a Facebook page outnumber the potential risks. Follow these three Facebook tips for staffing firms to ensure your company’s reputation stays intact while venturing into the world of social media.

 Three Easy Ways to Garner Good Reviews Online

1.       Be proactive with your profile: 

One of the easiest Facebook tips for staffing firms to follow — always respond to people, and when you do, be nice!

Regardless of whether you receive positive or negative feedback on your page, you should always make sure to provide some sort of response as soon as possible.

If it’s positive, thank the person for their feedback within the same business day. Doing so will show the commenter that your brand is responsive to comments and cares about what their customers have to say.

If you receive negative feedback, it’s not the end of the world. Your staffing company can take advantage of those comments! As above, thank the commenter within 24 hours of their comment. If possible, offer them some sort of discount or refund (if applicable) for their time. The sooner you do this, the better. They already have an issue with your company, don’t make them wait longer for a response because that will make them even less pleased. Word of mouth is still important in the digital age… take this time to make their negative experience a positive one!

2.       Emphasize positive responses: 

Highlighting favorable feedback on your company’s Facebook page can help phase out negative remarks made about your firm.  To highlight a post on your timeline, click on the small “x” located in the top right corner of your comment.  Once the drop-down menu appears, choose the option “Highlighted on Page.” This will make the post much more visible to those visiting your page.

Those who work with your company can also choose to leave a review on Facebook. The social media company normally highlights what they consider the “top” reviews, so make sure you encourage happy customers to leave positive feedback behind! Again, if you get a bad rating, make sure to reply to them as soon as possible and try to make their less-than-great experience a good one!

3.       Moderate your comments: 

Another way to safeguard your company’s online reputation is to review comments before they can actually be displayed on your timeline.  By moderating feedback, your staffing company can control which comments to broadcast on the timeline. While this is one of the easiest Facebook tips for staffing firms, it is the only one that needs to be used sparingly.

If your company deletes any comment that you deem “negative” to your side, said commenter could get upset and cause an even larger problem for you. Delete comments only if they go against your company policy or if they’re obscene, rude or graphic. Show others that your business is committed to making any negative comments positive!

facebook tips for staffing companies

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