4 Hiring Tips for Temporary Staffing Companies

tips for temp staffing companies

Tips for Temp Agencies

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder showed that 40% of employers have plans to hire temporary workers this year. Make sure those businesses patronize your company by hiring the right workers to fill their positions. Finding high-quality help doesn’t have to be hard — just follow these hiring tips for temporary staffing companies!

1. Know What Businesses Look for in a Temp

The first tip for temporary staffing companies: hiring responsible and reliable workers.

Look for candidates that are punctual, complete all parts of their given assignments and are professional.

Having temporary workers with these qualities will make your staffing agency more appealing to potential employers. No business wants to work with a staffing agency that hires unmotivated workers. Plus, knowing your workers are responsible and reliable will give your agency the confidence needed to sell your service to employers. When you trust your temp workers, so will other businesses. Knowing your staff possesses these traits will give your agency the confidence to sell your services to employers because you trust your temporary workers to make a positive impression.

2. Look For Workers With Adaptable Skills

When your staffing agency is approached by a business with an assignment, you then have to look at who from your staff is suitable.

It comes in handy to thoroughly test the skills of the interviewee when thinking of who to hire for your staff. If your company deals primarily with construction staffing, it wouldn’t make much sense to hire a temporary nurse. It also helps to pay attention to the skill set of those you do decide to bring in on your team. If your client needs someone that’s good with tech, take note and look for all the applicants in your database that have tech experience and choose one whose personality and experience best fit the job description.

It looks bad if your company sends a temp worker to a client that can’t perform the duties they were originally brought on for.

3. Find Dedicated Workers

Another simple hiring tip for temporary staffing companies: hire workers who care.

Dedication and commitment to a business is important, especially in the temporary staffing industry. As opposed to a salaried job, a temp’s employment normally comes with an end date — this makes commitment huge. It is easy for the temp to not be as dedicated to the job they were hired to do as they know they won’t be at that company for all that long and don’t have a sense of connection to the business.

Be sure the people hired as temporary workers for your industry understand loyalty and duty to whatever corporation they are temporarily working for. It not only helps the company your business is providing service for but also gives you a good reputation with clients for providing hard-working temps.

4. Hire Workers that Can Communicate

Temp workers will not only have to communicate with you, their staffing agency, but also whoever they are employed by. Their ability to convey their availability, progress on a job and other issues is crucial as well as their willingness to ask for help when needed.

Oftentimes a temporary job comes up that needs staffing on short notice; having workers that can effectively communicate their readiness to take a job or to honestly say when they have other commitments and will, therefore, be unable to take a short notice job will make your staffing agency more efficient.

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