4 Ideas to Prepare Your Company for Small Business Saturday

small business owner

As all small business owners should be familiar with Small Business Saturday. Tucked in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is when American consumers are encouraged to shop at locally owned companies—and the people love it. Last year, consumers spent over $14 billion on Small Business Saturday. Naturally, this presents an excellent opportunity for small business owners—but are you fully taking advantage of this Saturday?

Check out these four tips and make the most out Small Business Saturday.

Tweet, Post, and Promote

More than likely, you are offering some type of promotional deal or sale on Saturday—use social media to let your consumer population know! Small businesses are fortunate in that they can establish a significant level of intimacy with their communities. So, tweet, post, and let the public know about the sweet deals that you are offering. People will hear what you are saying and will want to come shop at your business.

Update your website

Before Saturday comes around, make sure that your website is user-friendly. Have your home page highlight your Small Business Saturday deals, make sure that your company’s address is easy to find, and above all, make sure that you site is compatible with mobile devices.

Don’t forget Monday

Remember, Cyber Monday is right around the corner. Odds are that you conduct a decent amount of business online as well. So keep in mind that you can benefit from Monday, too. Don’t offer all of your promotional deals and sales on Saturday. Entice consumers to come in and get the small-business experience with discounts, but don’t go “all-out.” Save some deals for Monday.

Show off your involvement

Use the rhetoric surrounding Small Business Saturday to your favor—people buy in to the day because they want to ensure the survival of mom & pop shops, the entrepreneurial “American Dream,” and a personalized, community-oriented consumer experience. Is your business involved within your town? Do you partake in local events? If so, flaunt it! Appeal to the emotions behind Small Business Saturday and incorporate your history of being an active member of the community into your marketing scheme.

If your small business is well prepared, Small Business Saturday should be very profitable, and you can use the influx of cash to expand your business. Are you looking for ways to get a strong cash flow during the other 364 days of the year? Factor Finders can make that happen. With invoice factoring, we can help you turn your accounts receivables into working cash. Don’t wait 30, 60, or 90 days for your debtors to pay you. Give us a call at 855-FACTOR-1 and get the cash flow that your small business needs.