Strange But True: 5 Odd Jobs That Are In Demand

Are you looking to start a business and want to make sure that your new enterprise will be in high demand? Or, maybe you own a temporary staffing agency and are looking to really branch out with your services. Well, according to a CNN report, here are five of the hottest- and oddest- jobs in the current market. 

Five Odd Jobs that are Actually in Demand

  1. Firearm Instructor: Owning and operating a firing range is a very lucrative business right now. CNN reports that there has been a great increase in the number of women who want to learn how to fire a gun, which has in turn raised the demand for shooting ranges and instructors. A good firearm instructor can earn a decent living, too. Many NRA-certified course operators can rake in more than $75,000 per year.
  2. Paranormal Investigator:  Now we are starting to really get into the more bizarre occupations. But, its true- people are looking for a good paranormal investigator to see if there are spirits living in their houses. If you have a talent for locating the supernatural, consider putting your skills to use, and be a real-life ghost buster.
  3. Costume Character:  If you have a knack for acting and are up-to-date on your Disney movies, you may have a chance to make some money dressing up as a costume character and entertaining kids at their birthday parties or bar mitzvahs. Dressing up as a children’s character and performing, face painting, or doing magic tricks is a much needed skill set that is sought after by twenty-first century parents who want to throw their kid the best party of the year.
  4. Bee Remover:  From April to July, people across the country find beehives in unpleasant or dangerous locations around their house. Having a small bee removing business during these months could make you quite a bit of money, as not many people specialize in the craft. What’s more, it’s a great way to make yourself more “green,” as the majority of bee removers donate the displaced hives to local beekeepers, who then provide them with a safer, more productive environment.
  5. Dove Handler:  You would be surprised at how many people want doves at their wedding, and how few dove handlers there are out there. Buying and training a fleet of doves is a lot of hard work, but for animal lovers, this may be the job for you.

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