Tweet Your Way to the Top: 5 Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

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In this day and age, your small business needs to be well versed in the art of social media advertising. An effective marketing campaign on social media sites can bring in a ton of business and can establish your company as an elite within its field.
One venue that is particularly important for small business advertising is Twitter. Twitter is a social media giant, with over 307 million users—and tweeting on behalf of your company is an incredibly effective way to reach the public. Need some help in spreading the word about your small business on Twitter? Check out these tips that can help you tweet your way to success.

Photos work, videos don’t.

On Twitter, users have the option to attach photos and videos to their written content. If you are stuck trying to decide which type of visual content to include in your tweets, side with photos—images are re-tweeted 128% more than are videos.

Show your sense of humor.

Twitter followers love to laugh. Some of the most popular, sensational twitter accounts and posts are humorous—from memes and parody accounts to business pages. Be funny and let the public know that your small business has a personality.

Encourage a response.

Try to get your followers to tweet at you. Offer promotional deals or discounts for those who tag you in tweets or interact with your posts. Show that your small business is a part of the community by interacting directly with your target audience.

Share wisely.

This is an aspect of Twitter marketing that oftentimes goes overlooked—re-tweeting. Being a savvy re-tweeter is very important for a small business marketing team. Understand who your target audience is and re-tweet content that is appealing to them. If people like what you are sharing, they will want to become more attentive to the content that you post.

Don’t forget the links.

Twitter users are big online shoppers, with the average user shopping online at least seven times per month. Tons of people find products that they want to purchase by following shortcuts on twitter ads. So make sure that when you tweet, always include a link back to your company’s website. You will be surprised to see how many people will follow your links as they are scrolling through their feed.


Having a strong Twitter game can help a small business see great success. Are you trying to find other ways to expand your company? If so, then you may need to take a hard look at your financial strategy. Are your plans for growth constantly stifled by waiting for your debtors to pay off outstanding invoices? If so, then you need to talk to Factor Finders and ask about Small Business Factoring. We can help you increase your cash flow and accomplish all of the goals that you have set for your small business.

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