5 Ways to Make Sure Millennials Stay Motivated

Temporary staffingThe Millennial generation is notorious for their lazy work ethic and lack of motivation; not the best reputation for a population that will soon represent half of the American workforce. The generation consists of over 80 million people between the ages of 18 and 35. They currently represent an estimated 36% of the U.S. workforce, which presents a major problem to any business owner. Although they have been deemed the most educated and culturally diverse generation in history, millennials have a tendency to reject traditional hierarchies and upset the older generations. If you are a business owner of any sort and find yourself looking for ways to keep your young employees passionate and motivated, consider these 5 amazingly simple techniques.

  1. Paint the Picture.

    Explain the big picture to them. When a young employee can comprehend the purpose of the company they work for, it provides a meaning to the work they are doing. Let them know that they are a piece to a larger puzzle that cannot operate without each part in its proper place.

  2. Let them Fulfill their Social Consciousness.

    A Study by the Pew Research Center found that millennials would rather help people in need (21%) than have a high-paying job (15%). It is important to let your employees form committees and organize events for causes that fulfill their social desires, even if it means using company resources to do so. Den Epstein, the CEO of a business consultancy made up of 90% millennials claimed, “In order to tap into [millennial’s] energy we need to be respectful of the things they care about.”

  3. Provide Frequent Feedback and Encouragement.

    Everyone wants to know how they are doing on their assignments, but the millennials respond to encouragement particularly well. Positive reinforcement is a free morale booster and is guaranteed to increase the pride your employees take in their work. One way to establish a system of positive encouragement with young employees is to set up a reward system. Even something as small as a free lunch every now and then, let your workers know that you take note of good work and offer incentive for them to do so.

  4. Offer Educational and Leadership Opportunities.

    Millennials are young businessmen and women on the beginning of a long career path. While they may enjoy working for your company, they are also surely looking to climb the ladder of the business world in their own ways. Give them chances to attend seminars, listen to speakers and go to leadership conferences in order to develop their professional skills and network.

  5. Establish the Rungs of the Ladder.

    To the same end, a great motivating tactic is to offer many in-between titles for your young employees as the progress through their positions. It is important for them to know that they are doing a good job, and small promotions, whether in wage or title, are the perfect way to illustrate your appreciation for them and keep them motivated.


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