8 Mobile Apps for Oil and Gas Companies on the Go

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In our modern world, there’s an app for everything; and oil and gas companies are not excluded from this claim. The oil and gas industry can be a difficult one to thrive in, as it requires a steady flow of information and remaining up to date with the constantly fluctuating market. However, knowing which app to use can be difficult as they are seem to have amazing reviews and tempting descriptions. From an industry-wide glossary to staying up with the news, these iPhone and iPad apps should help your business thrive wherever you are.


  1. Oil & Gas News: Created by the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association, this app connects the reader to local and national news about anything covering the oil and gas industry. The app features a News & Updates tab that is filled with great editorial and opinion articles that are constantly updated. This app is great for anyone looking to stay updated in the industry and read a variety of articles about any relevant topic.
  2. Oil & Gas:  Do you ever stress about the day-to-day gas price fluctuations? Stress no more. This app allows you to check the everyday natural gas prices along with the current shares of Dow Jones and NASDAQ. It shows you the difference between today’s price and yesterday’s and calculates the percentage and projections of rising or falling prices.
  3. Baker Hughes Rig Count: You’ll never have to wonder about a particular rig again! This app offers an interactive map that displays every oil, gas, and thermal rig that Baker Hughes owns. The map allows you to select a particular rig and views the depth, well type, location, and trajectory of it. You can also select a satellite view or standard map.
  4. Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary: Have you ever had to act like you know the meaning of a word in a meeting, and have to go look it up later? Put those days behind you, as this app offers a complete dictionary for any word imaginable that relates to the oil and gas industry. It even has a list of possible acronyms. This app will allow you to stay on top of your game and even impress your partners with a plethora of industry-related vocabulary.


  1. TexasT- Oil & Gas Conversions ($5.99): The ultimate oil and gas calculator, this app offers a conversion tool for every element used in the industry. It includes volume and metrics calculations for crude oil, ethane, butane, and petroleum coke.
  2. Oilfield Pipe Volume ($0.99): Calculating pipe volume and capacity can be a difficult and tedious task, particularly because any minor slip up can completely change the end result. This app simply allows you to input the diameter and depth of the pipe, and it calculates it for you!
  3. Natural Gas Royalty Calculator ($1.99): Having trouble with your royalty estimations? This app uses your royalty interest, natural gas wellhead price, well production rate, the number of acres in the production unit, and the number of production acres that belong to you to estimate your natural gas royalty income.
  4. Pipeline Regulations ($12.99): Remembering all of the regulations that go into pipeline maintenance can be a hassle. This app offers a regulation handbook of CFR 49 that is easily accessible in the palm of your hand. Some of the highlights include:

i.      Pipeline Safety Programs and Rulemaking Procedures

ii.      Transportation of Natural Gas and Other Gas by Pipeline

iii.      Response Plans for Onshore Oil Pipelines

iv.      Regulations for Grants to Aid State Pipeline Safety Programs

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