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Click on the links below to download our individual PDF documents. To start, please return the co-broker agreement along with any details of the leads you have.

For your clients interested in factoring, you can either fill out the prospect form or just email the info to . Any deals that get funded via traditional factoring, we split commissions 50/50 for the lifetime of the deal. Your percentage will be anywhere from 5-10% of the fees.

Co-Broker Agreement

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Prospect Info Form

Loan Application

For your clients interested in a loan, we need the attached loan application and along with 4-6 months of business bank statements and credit card processing statements. If you provide this information to us, the commission split will be 50/50. If you would like us to gather the information, the split is 30/70. We get paid a one-time fee, anywhere from 5-10%, on the initial loan amount, so your split would be either 30% or 50% of that.

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