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Corrugated Box Factoring

Invoice Factoring for Corrugated Box Companies

Factor Finders provides financial services to corrugated box companies and help organizations in this growing industry generate working capital.

Corrugated Box Factoring

About 1,500 manufacturing plants currently use corrugated packaging and this number will likely rise with more industries taking an interest in sustainability. Thanks to corrugated box factoring, entrepreneurs can cash in on an industry that promotes high-performance, customizable, and sustainable solutions for shipping products.

Corrugated packaging entrepreneurs can gain initial funding through factoring their receivables. In addition, start-ups can be pre-qualified, despite a short financial track record or lack of credit. Factor Finders establishes accounts with packing companies in 3 to 5 working days by simply evaluating the credit strength of their customers.

Mature corrugated box organizations with existing loans can extend their credit through factoring. Factor Finders works with traditional lenders to pay off your loans and we can create credit lines based on your invoice values. Those with bad credit or a history of bankruptcy can still pre-qualify for shipping factoring.

Factor Finders works with companies of all sizes. Getting started is simple. Call 1-855-FACTOR-1 or request an online application.

Factor Finders Finances Most Corrugated Box Companies

Corrugated box companies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom with sales volumes up to $10 million should start corrugated box factoring with Factor Finders. We finance manufacturers of:

  • Corrugated and fiber boxes
  • Box partitions
  • Wholesale and packaging materials and tape/foam/labels
  • Thermoforming service providers
  • Integrated corrugated packaging

Factoring Receivables is Better than Traditional Lending 

Factoring benefits the manufacturing industry. Whether your company has zero profitable operating history or multiple years of success, you should take advantage of accounts receivable factoring. Moreover, business owners often choose accounts receivable factoring over a more traditional bank loan because no additional debt is added to their balance sheet, and because factoring firms provide a number of support services in addition to funding. Additionally, Factor Finders creates a credit line based on your accounts receivable—The line grows as your company grows.

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Get Your Business Funding Fast

The invoice factoring process works like this:

  1. We will you partner you with the best factoring company for your business based one some general criteria, such as location.
  2. Issue invoices to your clients after delivering the ordered box supplies, and send a copy with backup documentation to the factoring company.
  3. After reviewing the invoices, the factor and will advance your company up to 90% of their face value, depositing funds directly into your bank account.
  4. Your customer will pay the invoice amount and the factoring company will forward you the balance of the invoice value (reserve) less our invoice factoring fee.

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