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Dairy and Processing Factoring Services

Dairy Companies are Great Factoring Candidates

Accounts receivable factoring provides funding to the dairy industry. Dairy products are in high demand globally due to recent economic recovery. In the next five years, the dairy industry is projected to grow due to additional economic recovery and the introduction of products that will meet the needs of consumers wanting healthier options. When this boom in business happens, dairy operators can use Factor Finders’ dairy and processing plant factoring solutions to maintain a positive cash flow for their businesses. It’s our goal to help dairy and processing plants continue to grow in this competitive industry by increasing their access to working capital.

Dairy processors can gain initial funding through factoring their receivables. Start-ups prequalify despite a short financial track record or lack of credit.  Additionally, Factor Finders establishes accounts with dairy processing plants within 3 to 5 business days by reviewing the creditworthiness of their debtors. No complicated financial analyses are needed and no up-front fees are charged.

Large dairy corporations with existing loans can also extend their credit through dairy and processing plant factoring. Factor Finders works with banks and other factoring firms to pay your loans off and establish new credit lines based on the value of your current dairy receivables. Even companies with bad credit can pre-qualify for accounts receivable factoring.

Factor Finders Finances Most Dairy Companies

Factor Finders works with the following types of companies:

  • Dairy packaging plants
  • Dairy processing plants
  • Dairy farm equipment suppliers
  • Dairy laboratory services

Dairy and Processing Plants Benefit Greatly by Factoring
Factor Finders’ dairy and processing plant factoring program is very efficient and our account managers guide companies through the process. Establishing an account takes as little as 3 to 5 business days, and ongoing funds reach your bank account within 24 hours of presenting invoices for sale.

Factor Finders Provides Administrative Services In Addition to Financing 
Factor Finders offers back office support like posting payments, managing invoices, and making routine collections calls. Dairy processors benefit greatly from these administrative services because it decreases overhead, which offsets the cost of factoring.

Get Set Up in as Little as Three Days 

  1. Send the original invoices to your customers, and send a copy along with any supporting documentation to Factor Finders.
  2. Factor Finders will verify that the invoices are valid, and then advance your company up to 90% of the invoice’s face value within 24 hours.
  3. When we get paid on those purchased invoices, Factor Finders forwards the balance of the invoice less our fees.
  4. Credit approval for new customers can be completed quickly by supplying the customer’s name and address.

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