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Educational Staffing Factoring

Educational Staffing Keeps the Classroom Full!

Education is critical to raising future leaders and building the next generation, and it takes a great deal of personnel to keep educational institutions running smoothly. If you place educational staff but struggle to meet expenses, Factor Finders can support your efforts with a customized staffing invoice factoring program.

Educational staffing factoring offers funding solutions to agencies providing staff to public, private, and charter schools and covers both professional and paraprofessional staff. Whether you staff substitute teachers, administrative support staff or specialized professionals such as cafeteria workers and bus drivers, Factor Finders has the right factoring program for you.

The Factoring Process

First, submit your invoices for education staffing assignments to the factor. When they have been verified, the factoring company will send you up to 90 percent of their value within 24 hours. Use the cash you receive to:

  • Cover payroll and employment expenses
  • Hire new educational staff
  • Pursue contracts with new schools and other learning institutions or partnerships
  • Pay down debt and build your agency’s credit rating

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Why Choose Invoice Factoring?


Approval is fast and easy

Educational staffing factoring is not a loan, so you will not create new debt. In addition, you can qualify to factor your education staffing invoices in as little as 3 to 5 business days!

Qualify even with poor or little credit

Even if you fail to qualify for traditional lending, you can still get funding through educational staffing factoring. Our funding partners base their decisions on your customers’ creditworthiness, and our approval criteria are far less stringent than those you would find at a bank.

Factor as much or as little as you need

One of the greatest benefits of factoring your educational staffing invoices is the flexibility – you need only submit what you need to keep your cash flow in check. As long as your clients have a reasonable credit history and your invoices are unpledged to another company, you can get funding straightaway.

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