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Cash Flow Crunch? Here’s How Factoring Companies Can Help

Don't Let Cash Flow Problems Hurt Your Business

Get Paid Today with Invoice Factoring

Unsteady or insufficient cash flow can keep your business from providing the best service to your customers, from taking new opportunities and from meeting its full potential. Fortunately, you can transform your business cash flow by working with a factoring company in your industry.

Cash flow factoring gives you access to the funds you need without worrying about invoices staying open as long as 60, 90, or 120 days. Instead of waiting for payment, you can pursue new projects and prepare for future growth.

Taking Control of Your Business Cash Flow is Easy

All you need to begin a cash flow financing program today is:

  • An application
  • A current invoice aging and customer list
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Copies of invoices you wish to factor

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Cash Flow Financing Can Help Transform Your Working Capital

Take control over your operating costs

Cash flow financing offers many opportunities for you to control your operating costs. First, you have the flexibility to factor only the invoices you want, and only when you need the cash. There are no minimum or maximum amounts to factor, and factoring companies begin the fee clock on the date they purchase your invoice (not the invoice date!) so you can decide when to submit them for funding.

Build (or rebuild) your business credit

If you are just starting up, or recovering from a financial slump, factoring companies will help you rebuild your business credit. The building begins when you apply for funding: cash flow factoring companies approve your account based on your customers’ credit history, so your credit report will not take a hit during due diligence. In addition, your access to same-day funding allows you to pay down old debt and stay on top of current expenses – both great ways to improve your business credit.

Greater purchasing power with your suppliers

When you have cash on hand to purchase equipment and materials, you can make deals with your suppliers to save you money. You can purchase in bulk for a discount rather than buying a few pieces at a time, or you can negotiate early-pay discounts that reward you for paying invoices before their due date. Get the supplies you need and help your business cash flow grow even more!

Pursue better contracts to increase your sales

The best way to improve your business cash flow is to start bringing in more business! Cash flow financing allows you to take on larger projects and purchase the supplies you need without waiting for prior invoices to be paid. You may also choose to offer discounts and other incentives to new customers that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

Find extra support to help your business grow

Factoring companies offer more than funding to solve your cash flow problems. You will also have ongoing access to account managers who are experts on your business cash flow and who will help you make effective financing decisions. You can also take advantage of administrative services such as credit verification and collections support that will free up even more of your resources, and up-to-date online reporting that you can use to keep your own records accurate.

Factor Finders Can Help Your Business Find Funding

Whether it’s invoice factoring or an unsecured business loan, Factor Finders can help your company find more working capital. Not every loan or funding solution is a ‘one-size-fits-all.’ We have alternative options when you aren’t sure where else to look. We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with the best factoring companies across the U.S. so instead of spending time and effort sorting through each one and which one would be best for your needs, let us help.

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