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Invoice Factoring for Satellite Dish Installers

Invoice Factoring for Satellite Dish Installation

Get Paid Faster with Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring for satellite dish installers is the fastest and simplest way for your company to transform your cash flow. Instead of waiting 60 days or longer to get paid, you can get the cash you need immediately! Qualify for invoices and receive your first advance in as little as 3 to 5 business days without jumping through the hoops required by traditional lenders.

Satellites are a critical component of internet, television and radio service, making consumer satellite dish installation a potentially lucrative business. If slow-paying customers are drying up your cash flow, invoice factoring for satellite dish installers can put your receivables on the right track!

Factoring for the Telecommunications Industry

Satellite dish installers are not the only professionals that can benefit from invoice factoring – in fact, we can work with any sector that invoices commercial clients. Some of the other telecommunications sectors we serve include:

  • Cable TV installers
  • Underground utilities contractors
  • Testing and diagnostics
  • Telecommunications Providers
  • Telecommunications Sales

Learn more about invoice factoring services for telecommunications companies.

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With Factoring for Satellite Installers, The Sky is the Limit

The benefits of factoring for satellite dish installers extend far beyond the positive impact on your cash flow. When you factor your invoices, you will also receive:

Expert customer service
Factor Finders works with factoring companies that have served satellite dish installers and other professionals for several years. They are proficient in navigating payment systems, working with your customers, and tailoring their program to meet your company’s needs.

You have complete control over your invoice factoring relationship. You choose which invoices (and which accounts!) you want to factor and when, and with no long-term contracts you can regularly reevaluate how factoring is working for you.

Credit building
Not only can you qualify for factoring with poor or little credit, but you can also use factoring to build your company’s credit! When you have more control over your cash flow, you can pay down old debt quickly and raise your credit rating for future financing needs.

Additional time and money savers
With ready cash, you can negotiate early-pay discounts and other payment incentives with your suppliers to make your money go further. In addition, by taking advantage of your factor’s complimentary credit verification and collections services you can eliminate unnecessary overhead created by running expensive reports.

The Factoring Process is Easy

Request a quote
You will receive a competitive proposal from one of our account managers, experts in the unique needs of satellite dish installation. Get a first look at our industry-low factoring rates, high advance percentages, and the other benefits you gain as part of your invoice factoring relationship.

Complete a short application
If you accept the terms of your proposal, complete an application and send required documentation to the factoring company. Typical documents include your Articles of Incorporation, copies of the satellite dish installation invoices you wish to factor, and a customer list.

Submit your invoices
Factoring for satellite dish installers is an advance against the face value of your open invoices. Send the invoices you wish to fund for verification.

Get cash
The invoice factoring company will advance you between 70 and 90 percent of your invoice value within 24 hours of verification!

Factor new invoices whenever you need to
Satellite dish installers can submit invoices as often as needed to maintain sufficient cash flow, from once a month to several times per week – it’s up to you!

Learn more about how to start factoring your invoices.

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