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Chicago Factoring Companies

August 3, 2022
Phil Cohen

Chicago Businesses can Benefit From Invoice Factoring

Factor Finders can help you find the Chicago factoring company you need! Do you have a business in the windy city? Are you struggling to meet your daily expenses or make payroll? Do you find that lack of adequate funding continually holds you back from growing your business?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Factor Finders can help!

We understand that Chicago businesses have unique needs. That’s why we work with a worldwide network of factoring companies in Chicago and beyond to match your company with the best factoring company for your needs. Our invoice factoring specialists take time to understand your business and help you obtain a steady source of working capital.

How Can Chicago Factoring Companies Help Businesses?

If your Illinois business has open invoices from slow paying clients, a factoring company in Chicago can buy them at a discount and advance funds to you almost immediately. Then, the factor bills your customers according to their current terms. When your clients pay the invoices in full, the factoring company returns the discounted amount to you apart from a small factoring fee.

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Benefits of Working With a Chicago Factoring Company

  • Easy application process
  • Bad credit is OK, approval is based on your clients
  • No lengthy contracts
  • No minimum volume requirements
  • No loan to repay
  • Funded in under 24-hours
  • Experienced account managers ready to help

By partnering with an Illinois factoring company, you’ll receive fast cash with zero debt to repay. The factoring company will even handle account management and collections, so you can put more effort into growing your business.

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Factoring Invoices v. Bank Loans

Bank loans can be difficult to obtain, especially if your business lacks sufficient collateral or if your company’s credit is less than perfect. The approval process is long and there is often an excessive amount of paperwork. And, even if you are approved for a bank loan, you may not receive all the funding you need.

Chicago factoring companies allow you to obtain working capital for expansion, inventory purchases, payroll, operating expenses and whatever else you need for a successful business.  Don’t let slow paying clients dampen your business’s potential.  Factoring invoices is the solution to keeping a steady cash flow. Factoring offers unlimited funding potential.

Chicago Factoring Works For Various Industries

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