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Ohio Invoice Factoring

August 24, 2022
Phil Cohen

Ohio is a great place to start a small business and an Ohio factoring company can provide the funding you need to get you started. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Cedar Point, the Buckeye State has some amazing tourist attractions and exciting places to explore!

A bigger working capital budget for your Ohio business can provide great advantages. An invoice factoring company can provide you with the money you need to run your business smoothly. Factor Finders, based in Cleveland, can partner your business with the best factoring company in Ohio to match your unique needs.

Factoring Companies in Ohio

Whether your business is located in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus or Cleveland, Ohio factoring companies can help you get funded. Many factoring companies in Ohio offer competitive services, and they all range in size, industry specialization, rates, discounts and much more. The benefit of working with Factor Finders is that you can leverage our network of factoring companies to locate the one best suited to your needs as a business. We’ll match you with the top factoring companies in Ohio and throughout the United States.

The Factoring Process for OH Businesses

First, complete a short application and submit the appropriate documentation to a factoring company in Ohio for approval. Approval for invoice factoring can be completed within one day. Once approved, submit your invoices.

Then, one of the Ohio factoring companies that you choose to work with will verify and advance you up to 95% of the value within 24 hours. Your customers send their payment to the factoring company on the terms you already have in place. The remainder is held in a reserve until payment is received from your customer.

Finally, once paid in full, the factoring company will return the amount held in reserve, minus a factoring service fee.

Plenty of Ohio businesses benefit by working with factoring companies. If you’re experiencing cash flow crunches while waiting for customers to pay, accounts receivable factoring can get your Buckeye State business the money it needs to succeed.

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Benefits to Working with an Ohio Factoring Company

Factoring companies in Ohio offer more options than traditional bank loans. Bank loans not only add more debt to your balance sheet, but you might not even get all of the funds you need or be subject to high-interest rates. They also can take 30-90 days to receive. Banks can request collateral, as well as maintain strict regulations and terms. Poor credit won’t prevent you from factoring receivables. You’ll receive flexible terms and there are no monthly minimums or maximums that you’re required to factor. We want to give you as much cash flow as you need to thrive, so the more invoices you factor, the more cash you’ll receive.

Additionally, many Ohio factoring companies offer other services such as office support, payroll services and unparalleled customer service. You’ll be assigned an account manager that can help answer any questions or concerns.

Factor Your Invoices Anywhere in the Buckeye State

At Factor Finders, we pride ourselves on helping small businesses in Ohio obtain the working capital they need on the terms that work for their organizations. We understand what running a business in Ohio is like…we do it every day!

Cleveland            Columbus   

Don’t see your city? That’s no problem!

Factor Finders works with a nationwide network of factoring companies that are eager to purchase your unpaid invoices. Call Factor Finders and talk to one of our team members today or fill out a form for a free quote to see what we can offer your business.

Ohio Invoice Factoring Can Benefit Any Business!

Find the Best Factoring Company in Ohio

Factoring invoices generates the cash flow you need; meanwhile you’re free to offer the generous credit terms that your customers seek. Our application process is simple, because we understand that you ought to focus on your business.

Whether you’re in need of Cleveland Invoice Factoring or Columbus Invoice Factoring, Factor Finders understands how to help small businesses in Ohio. A factoring company in Ohio is an essential tool for companies that are looking to expand, as they can provide working capital at a moment’s notice. Once you invoice your customer for completed services or products sold, the factoring company will buy the invoice from you at a discount and advance the funds to you for the invoices purchased. Then, the factor collects directly from your client, based on the terms chosen by your company.


Invoice Factoring Services are Easy 

  • Simple application with very little paperwork
  • Caters perfectly to any small or mid-sized company
  • No debt added to your balance sheet
  • No long-term commitment required
  • No minimum volumes
  • Lightening-fast funding, usually within days, or even hours
  • Minimal underwriting

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Invoice Factoring Industries in Ohio

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Factor Finders is an Ohio-based business, working to help your small, medium, and large sized companies in Ohio be the best that they can be. That’s why we pride ourselves in working with a wide variety of industries to connect to our nation-wide network of finance partners.

Cable & Telecommunications
Consumer Receivables
Equipment Leasing
Government Contracts
 Oil & Gas
Science and Technology
Temporary Staffing
Additional Industries

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