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Factor Finders offers clients access to the best Cleveland factoring companies for their business needs. Businesses that are currently looking for the best Ohio factoring company need not look further.  Our invoice factoring services allow us to identify the top factors for your cash flow needs. Factor Finders works with a nationwide network of factoring companies in Ohio and throughout the U.S. This ensures we can match your business with the right factor for your objectives.

Why Work with a Cleveland Factoring Company?

Cleveland factoring companies help businesses increase cash flow by purchasing unpaid invoices at a discount in exchange for working capital.

Unlike bank loans, invoice factoring is quick. Your company can be approved today and receive cash for invoices within three to five days. After your first funding, you’ll receive cash for invoices within 24 hours.  Factoring companies in Cleveland, OH and throughout the U.S. are flexible and can adjust to your needs as your business evolves. There’s no limit to the amount of funding you can receive.

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Why Do Ohio Businesses Choose Factor Finders?

Our staff takes pride in finding the right Cleveland factoring company for each of our clients. Factoring invoices is one of the most effective ways for Cleveland businesses to generate more cash without having to worry about loans or risking significant assets. Invoice factoring has quickly become a favorite among businesses searching for smart funding solutions. Whether you’re seeking a factoring company in Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati or elsewhere in the Buckeye State, count on Factor Finders to get you funded!

Working Capital at Your Fingertips.

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Secure Funding for your Cleveland Company

One of the primary reasons business owners choose factoring is that it’s easy to qualify. Factoring companies in Cleveland base approval on the strength of your clients. A few financial rough patches in the past won’t hurt your ability to factor invoices. Your personal and business credit isn’t a factor. Moreover, there isn’t any debt to worry about repaying. For most owners, managers and executives, selling outstanding invoices is a welcomed alternative to putting additional debt on the balance sheet. Our expert staff is happy to review your unique business needs and help develop a plan that works best for you.

Cleveland Factoring is Better Than a Bank Loan

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Here are a few key reasons why businesses in the Buckeye State prefer Factor Finder over the banks:

• Clients enjoy some of the lowest rates in the industry

• New clients receive funds within three to five business days

• Clients receive cash for invoices within 24 hours

• Our clients get cash without adding debt to the balance sheet

• Flexible factoring programs are open to all – including spot factoring and non-recourse factoring

• No minimum invoice volumes are required

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