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Ohio Payroll Funding

August 3, 2022
Phil Cohen

Payroll Funding in Ohio

If your business is not reaping the benefits of Ohio’s excellent business climate because of poor cash flow, look no further than a top-notch Ohio payroll funding program to breathe new life into your company. Payroll funding through invoice factoring is an alternative financing method that is extremely friendly to businesses in all stages of development. Instead of taking on the burden of a traditional business loan, convert your own open receivables into immediate cash that you can use to cover your expenses, make payroll, and invest in growing your business.

How Does Payroll Financing Work?

Invoice factoring is easy to begin and to repeat as needed to maintain a steady positive cash flow. Simply send copies of your open invoices to the payroll financing company, which will advance you anywhere from 70 to 90 percent of their face value. Cash is deposited into your bank account within 24 hours of invoice verification and initial credit checks, and it is yours to use as your business needs. Purchase equipment, market to new customers or invest in new office space – there are no limits to what you can do! When your customers repay the Ohio factoring company, they will then send you the remaining cash value minus their industry-low fee.

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Payroll Financing Approval is Easy

Even if you have poor business credit, payroll funding can work for you. Factor Finders’ payroll financing partners approve clients based on their customers’ creditworthiness, unlike banks; moreover, by using your newfound cash flow to pay your invoices early or on time you can qualify for early payment discounts and receive positive ratings from your creditors.

Ohio thrives on successful businesses, so there is no better time to pursue healthy cash flow for your company. Whether you’re seeking a factoring company in Cleveland or a Columbus factoring company, give us a call and put our network to work for you.

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Payroll Financing for All Ohio Companies

Factor Finders works with a number of payroll factoring companies in Ohio that specialize in the industries that matter most in the Buckeye State. Our services include:

Even if your industry is not listed above, don’t fret! Our funding partners are constantly expanding into new industries and we are certain we can find the right fit for your company.

Fast access to cash is only one of the many outstanding benefits of a payroll financing program. Save more time and money by taking advantage of back office support such as collections efforts and credit verification for your customers; breathe easy with the flexibility of the funding process and the lack of minimum or maximum amounts to factor; and bolster your business credit by not creating unnecessary debt on your balance sheet!

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