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What to Look for in a Florida Factoring Company

Florida Invoice Factoring

If your business is located in the Sunshine State, you will need to know what to look for in a Florida factoring company in order to make an informed decision.

Fortunately, Factor Finders is here to help! Whether you are a start-up or growing company in need of cash, we can help you use your account receivables to get the capital that you need.

Conventional bank loans can be very limiting, as far as getting liquid cash for your business is concerned. Often, your business qualifies for inadequate funding. Meanwhile, you are required to repay a loan over time.

With Factor Finders, you are not required to verify your credit, because we verify the creditworthiness of your customers. Additionally, factoring does not appear as a negative on your balance sheet.

What happens if your business is struggling to bridge the gap between accounts receivable and other expenses?

Not all factoring companies are equal. Factor Finders works with factoring companies all over the world. By understanding your company’s needs, we can match it with the factoring company that best suits your needs. We also explain our recommendations to you, so that you are not in the dark.

Because we serve almost every industry, we can help your Sunshine State business get funded. Whether you are in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, or anywhere else in Florida, Factor Finders can help you get the capital you need!

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Invoice Factoring Can Help Your Business Grow

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Factor Finders has various funding partners that offer a wide array of services within several industries, including:

  • Management and collections of accounts receivable
  • Credit analysis
  • Online viewing of account status
  • Easy paperwork that is processed and approved within five working days
  • Cash advances within 24 hours
  • Your factoring company can negotiate with banks, if need be, to subordinate your receivables to the factoring company. Or, they will pay off or buy out your current loan
  • Creating collateral: if you offer credit terms to your customers, we can use your open invoices as collateral

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