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Fuel Card Programs for Trucking Companies

August 3, 2022
Phil Cohen

Fuel Cards Are Another Benefit of Freight Factoring

Truckers Save Big at the Pump with Fuel Cards

Fuel cards from freight factoring companies provide significant fuel discounts at all major truck stops and travel centers throughout the US. Fuel cards work like a debit card that the driver uses to pay for fuel, repairs and other items. Fuel cards can also be used to pay drivers through cash withdrawals.

While the cards are set up through a fuel card company, the funding comes from the freight bill factoring agreement. A big advantage to fuel cards, in addition to being efficient and easy, is that drivers receive fuel rebates at all major truck stops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Fuel Cards Benefit Trucking Companies

Fuel cards are an easy way for trucking companies and owner-operators to monitor spending and control costs. Here are a few ways your trucking business will benefit from enrolling in a fuel card program:

  • Fuel rebates
  • ATM accessibility
  • 24/7 online account access
  • Control and monitor carrier spend
  • Quickly send cash to carriers for unexpected expenses
  • Fraud prevention tools
  • Discounts on tires, maintenance, lodging & more

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Fuel Cards & Advances for Trucking Companies

Fuel cards are available for free to factoring clients. Once you’re approved for factoring, you can enroll in the fuel card program. Once your enrollment application is submitted, your fuel card will be in the mail the following day. Fuel cards from EFS and Comdata are available.

Fuel advances are another advantage to factoring freight. All factored loads are eligible for up to a 50% advance upon load pickup. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll always have cash on hand to take on new opportunities. Get more information on fuel advances.

Competitive Freight Factoring Programs

Factor Finders is proud to offer the most competitive freight factoring programs in the industry. Recourse and non-recourse factoring is available. Factoring programs feature month-to-month contracts, no setup fees and no monthly minimum volume requirements. You also have the freedom to pick and choose which clients to factor.

Choose Factor Finders for Freight Invoice Factoring

Our freight bill factoring specialists are highly knowledgeable in the trucking and freight business. We talk with truckers every day and take the time to understand the unique funding needs of each and every business.

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