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Freight Factoring Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Freight Factoring

Factoring your freight bills definitely has its advantages, but what are some of the disadvantages of freight factoring? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of factoring to make sure it’s the right funding option for your business.

Remember, freight factoring is an excellent way to balance slow payers with ongoing daily expenses, which can otherwise prevent you from delivering product on schedule, paying your creditors, and taking on new loads.

Factoring Pros and Cons

Pros of Freight Factoring

  • Ability to receive funds the same day
  • Start-up friendly
  • Highest advances in the industry for truckers
  • Works short-term or long-term to improve cash flow

Cons of Freight Factoring

  • Invoices must be payable within 90 days or less
  • Must have quality customers to be approved
  • Rates are higher than a traditional bank loan
  • Customers are notified of change in payment address

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Advantages of Factoring Freight

Immediate access to cash

As shown in the above graphic, cash is available within 24 hours of invoice approval. There are no paper checks to cash, so you can complete your necessary spending right away. Having cash on-hand means you can pay invoices well before their due dates, which can save you money through quick-pay discounts.

Keep your balance sheet clean

Freight factoring is not a loan. When a factor purchases your open invoices it converts your accounts receivable into a liquid asset instead of adding a new liability that could affect your creditworthiness.

Fast approval

Most funding decisions are made within 3-5 business days.

Flexible funding

Factor as many or as few of your invoices as you need to operate smoothly, without binding long-term contracts.

Funding available regardless of size

Whether you are a single owner-operator or running dozens of trucks, there is a freight factor that can help you.

Factoring decisions based on customer creditworthiness

Factors, unlike banks, base their approval on your customers’ creditworthiness rather than your own. You may qualify for factoring even if you have poor personal credit, as long as your invoices are not pledged elsewhere.

Back-office support

The option to allow your freight factor to handle collections and other back-office support, so you can focus on providing quality service.

Factor off of copies

Freight factor companies allow you to submit faxed or emailed copies of your freight bills, eliminating the need to mail originals and shaving days off of the factoring process.

Additional benefits including fuel advances and cards

Factoring fuel advances provide much-needed cash upon load pickup. Fuel cards can qualify your drivers for savings on fuel at a number of refueling stations nationwide. Many freight factors will deposit a portion of your fuel advance directly to fuel cards if you choose.

Disadvantages of Factoring Freight

Potentially higher rates

Freight factoring rates may be higher than the interest rate offered with a conventional line of credit. However, a traditional lender will not offer the additional services available through freight factoring.

Bad customers may cost you

Many freight factors require that you repurchase invoices that have gone out past their recourse (usually 90 days). We do partner with freight factors who offer no-recourse funding that can protect you if a customer fails to pay; in addition, all of our factors conduct credit checks before approving your customers for funding, for your protection.

Factoring company’s reputation

Factoring freight invoices with the wrong company can lead to months of frustration as you wait for advances and fall victim to predatory terms. Factor Finders works with freight factoring companies that are highly regarded in the industry and that have the expertise to provide the top-notch service you deserve.

How Factoring Works:

How Do I Start Factoring Freight Bills?

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