Guerrilla Marketing: The Key to Cheaper, More Effective Advertising

guerrilla marketing

For startups, getting your business’s name out there is a never ending effort — and an important one, at that. But, it’s time to think outside the box and outside the office. Guerrilla marketing is an extremely low-cost marketing technique that began garnering attention in the 1980’s. Guerrilla marketing techniques give your business maximum exposure in creative and unconventional ways at a fraction of the cost. Because it is easy, cheap, and eye-catching, small businesses everywhere should take advantage of guerrilla marketing.

In a technology driven world, most businesses have become used to turning to social media, television, and radio stations to get deliver a message. While these are effective methods, they are now considered the “norm” and may not warrant as much memorability as desired. Guerrilla marketing, on the other hand, is a technique that deviates from traditional technological advertising and gives consumers an ad to remember.

So, what exactly is guerilla marketing?

The goal of guerrilla marketing is to disrupt (respectfully) natural pedestrian activity and captivate their attention. Installations can be beautiful, whimsical, and even shocking. Whatever angle your company chooses, the point of using this technique is to put your brand at street level and make passersby notice and remember your name.

Here are some of the best low-cost examples of guerrilla marketing techniques for your small business:


No, we’re not talking about spray-painting the name of your company on the first blank wall you find. There are cheaper, easier, and more legal ways to use graffiti to your advantage that don’t involve a drop of paint. Sidewalk chalk is a great way to display your name without the permanence that paint guarantees. If done well, a stencil and some chalk rubbings can go a long way. Plus, they are excellent at grabbing the attention of people walking by. Keep it simple, catchy, and strategic. Want something a little more permanent? Use dirt to your advantage! Place a stencil with your brand or logo on an especially dirty concrete wall or sidewalk, then power wash it. It lasts longer than chalk, and is harmless otherwise.

Stickers & Temporary Tattoos

Everyone loves free stuff. Stickers and temporary tattoos are excellent (and extremely cheap) methods of getting your name out there and rewarding your customers with a “thanks for the free marketing” prize. You can either strategically place the stickers around your business’s area, or you can give them to your customers to promote. Display your temporary tattoos where your customers can find them and let them get excited over a souvenir that does your business a favor, too.

Interactive Ads

Advertisements that people can interact with are more memorable. Create a scavenger hunt around town that encourages participants to bring back items in exchange for a prize. Feeling ambitious? Organize a flash mob with local volunteers. Or, just use posters and stickers to your advantage by allowing pedestrians to experience an aspect of your brand first hand.

The best part of guerrilla marketing is the almost inevitable media exposure you get just by being unconventional. Consumers will see your artsy advertisements and feel compelled to share them on personal social media accounts. Why spend time advertising on your own accounts when your customers are willing to do it for you? The cleverer your attempts are, the more likely they will be shared. So be creative, be witty!

Remember: regardless of the angle your company chooses, never forget that your company’s name is the at the center of the ad. Make sure the guerrilla ads you create are tasteful, and acceptable. Don’t be afraid to ask property owners’ permission to use their space for your ads. You’ll be surprised to see just how many people will remember your name after using these simple tricks!

Guerrilla marketing helps you save money on advertising just like factoring helps you save money for your business’s needs. Check out how the factoring process works and how it can help you!