Halloween Marketing Ideas to Give Your Small Business a Boost

marketing for halloween

6 Ghoulish Marketing Ideas for Financial Success

Keeping up to date with upcoming events is important when owning a small business, especially to the social media world. Adding a little holiday flair to your usual posts and marketing tactics can revive your business and provide it with some extra attention. Also, it never hurts to have fun. All work and no play made Jack a dull boy, after all. Check out these Halloween ideas that will bring all the ghosts to the yard.

1. Run a Halloween Special

Direct-mail postcards with a running special in honor of the holiday is a good way to get traffic moving if your business has hit a lull. Even something as simple as, “Come to the store in-costume for 10% off!” can go a long way and resonate with customers.

2. Decorate Your Workplace

Adding decorations to your store front can grab the attention of new costumers that may come across your store. This is a great opportunity to give your business some personality and show you can have fun too.

3. Reverse Trick-or-Treat

Visit businesses in the area that can benefit from your services and drop off candy with your logo on it that they can put out on their desk for all to see. The kind gesture will be appreciated and they will remember who you are.

4. Utilize Themed Hashtags

Search hashtags that are trending for Halloween and make sure you use them during your posts throughout the day. This will engage followers and non-followers alike to visit your page.

5. Freaky Giveaways

Everybody loves a freebie. Something as simple as a small trick or treat bag with a business card and a few pieces of candy can be great to give your customers as they come to your store on Halloween. A small gesture that shows you appreciate their patronage and hope they have a happy and safe holiday.

6. Mumified Newsletter

Tell a creepy tale, cheesy joke, or even post a picture of your latest jack-o’-lantern creation, anything Halloween related to grab the reader’s attention. Then post your current sales, offers, or coupons. This will draw readers into your newsletters without throwing advertisements at them immediately.

Don’t be Spooked by Your Cash Flow

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