Healthcare IT Staffing On the Rise as a Result of the Affordable Care Act

As more and more people are turning to technology to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, Healthcare IT Staffing is booming as a result.  When enrollment for the new healthcare initiative began, the federal government, the Department of Health and Human Services, and even the President found themselves admitting to being unprepared from a technological standpoint.

Consequently, the established IT infrastructures that were set to enable individuals to sign up for health insurance were continuously crashing, and there were even times throughout the day where enrollment services were inaccessible. Nevertheless, despite these obstacles, several healthcare IT staffing startup companies were able to showcase their capabilities in dealing with the technological delivery for the healthcare enrollment process.

Serving as innovators in providing reliable, technological health care services in the IT staffing industry, nine startup companies have begun to thrive throughout the advent of the ACA.  Blueprint Health, an accelerator program with an aim toward helping healthcare IT staffing companies acquire more customers and gain capital, selected these particular startup firms to participate in a three-month mentorship program throughout the summer of 2013.

Among the selected healthcare IT startup companies were Healthify, Board Vitals, Artemis, CredSimple and Genterpret. Unlike the federal government, these healthcare IT staffing firms were well-prepared for opening day of ACA enrollment, due to the advice received during the mentorship program with Blueprint Health. As a result, the booming success of these nine startup companies has instilled hope to health care innovators and entrepreneurs across the country.

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