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5 Hiring Secrets Successful Staffing Agencies Use to Find Top Candidates

July 14, 2022
Phil Cohen
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Recruiting Hacks for Successful Staffing Agencies

Word of mouth is a big aspect of having a successful staffing agency when you are trying to hire top candidates for your clients. When a promising candidate comes into your office, you have to be prepared. A poor delivery on your end can leave that candidate feeling less than enthusiastic about the company they are applying with. This can then lead to them turning down the position, and that person is no longer in your pool of options. There is a two-way test happening during the interview. One is of the candidate on how well they perform during the interview, the other is of the interviewer and how well they are conducting the interview. When it comes down to what the client thinks, both of these test scores matter. Check out these tips to aid your successful staffing agency in hiring top candidates for your clients.

Tips for Hiring the Best Candidate for the Job

Remember that Time Matters

As a recruiter, don’t cut an interview short or make a candidate feel like you are rushing them, even if they’re tanking the interview. The last thing your staffing company needs is to have a candidate talk poorly about how they were handled in their interview. We live in an age where we are constantly speaking freely on our social media.

It takes one bad experience and a nasty review from a candidate to tank your company’s reputation. A bad reputation means no candidates want to interview with your staffing agency. Even worse if it gets back to your client that the recruiters they are paying money to hire top candidates are doing a bad job. So, a best practice for hiring candidates is to be fair.

Select the Perfect Interviewer

If you have a promising candidate coming in for an interview that you think will be a great fit, make sure your top recruiter is doing the interviewing, or at least the second interview. This way they can reel in the candidate quickly for the position if the interview goes smoothly. If you are out fishing and have a big bite, the last thing you want to do is have it get away! The same applies for recruiting. Remember, your audience is your client, and if you want to keep their business you need to provide them with the best of the best.

Don’t be Afraid to do a Second Interview

When staffing agencies are hiring top candidates for their clients, we know that some clients can be on a time restraint for certain positions. But this shouldn’t mean that you rule out a second interview. If there are a few candidates that really seem promising, go for it. This should never be seen as a bad thing. If you didn’t have any promising clients at all, that would be a big problem.

For the second interview you can cut it short, but make sure to ask questions that are tailored to the actual position. This way you can get a feel for exactly what they would be like in that job setting. This best practice for recruiting should give you a clear reading on who is the best bet for the job.

Examine their Reaction to the Company Culture

Company culture is very important to clients. It is what makes their company unique to others and will set them apart. It is the staffing agency’s job to read up on the company you are hiring for so you can give a positive explanation to the candidates. When explaining, make sure to gauge the candidate’s opinion on whether they think this kind of culture would be a good fit. If they seem to have a negative attitude towards how the company is run, that may be a red flag for the staffing agency.

Post your Job Openings on LinkedIn

Let’s face it, recent graduates or job searchers who have been filling out applications day in and day out are probably getting sick of it. LinkedIn is an easy way to post jobs and a simple application process for candidates who can submit a ready-made resume to apply for jobs.  Candidates who take the time to make a thorough LinkedIn profile will most likely be someone who is serious about their job search and knows what they want.

Posting jobs on LinkedIn has become a great recruiting hack for staffing agencies. Not only does it draw in serious candidates, it also attracts those candidates to your posting based on the skills they have put down on their profile. If their posted skill match your job listing, they will be directed to and most likely apply!

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