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How to Advertise Your Small Business Startup

July 14, 2022
Phil Cohen
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Being an entrepreneur is a tough venture in many regards, particularly when it comes to advertising. No startup can survive without an effective marketing campaign.

The problem is, though, most startups don’t have a whole lot of cash to spend on marketing. But luckily, in this new age of tech, it is easier than ever to launch a startup and advertise cheaply.

Advertising Your Small Business for Less

Make people talk about you

This is not a new theory in the field of marketing, but it is nevertheless crucial to bear in mind—be sure to place an emphasis on customer service, hone in on your target audience, and give people a reason to advertise for you. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective advertising methods. If the community likes your product or service, good things will come—and best of all, this type of advertising is free.

Take advantage of free social media

There are so many ways to get your name out there over the web without paying a single penny. As soon as you found your company, create a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and even a YouTube channel. Some companies have hit it big by simply making a cameo in a YouTube video that goes viral. Although it can be pretty tough to appeal to the population through social media, the payoff can be gigantic (especially since you pay nothing).

Money bag

Exchange deals/gifts for email addresses

Forcing your customers to provide their email information when they make a purchase is invasive. As consumers, none of us really appreciate it too much. But having an email list can be very beneficial for advertising. It is a free way to spread the word about promotional deals and your business’s events. So, in order to establish that important email list, you should incentivize customers to join by offering something in return—either a discount on a product, a small gift, or something of that nature. This way, people will not join the email list begrudgingly, and you have a way to contact your consumers when necessary.

Cheap Web Advertising

There are several other ways to advertise on the internet that are effective, and also pretty cheap. Google AdWords, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Reddit are all great, popular internet venues that offer relatively inexpensive spots for advertisements.

Need a way to get working capital for marketing?

Obviously, the ideal way to spread the word about your business doesn’t require too much paid advertising. However, the majority of businesses are not so fortunate that they can make it big without spending a good chunk of money. Do you want to invest more in your marketing campaign, but do not have the working capital to do so? Are you waiting months on end for your debtors to pay off their outstanding invoices? If so, let Factor Finders make that an issue of the past—we can find the solution to your cash flow problems. Fill out an online form or give us a call at 855-322-8671.

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