How to Improve Workplace Productivity

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Boosting productivity in the workplace can actually be enjoyable.

Generally, employers tend to think that small objects that workers tinker with during the work day serve as nothing but a distraction that inhibits productivity.

Well, a recent study from New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering shows that playing with desk toys helps stimulate the brains of office workers, according to The Wall Street Journal. The engagement with the small objects boosts creativity and alleviates stress. Here are some of the objects that the Wall Street Journal article recommends for workers and businesses:

Rubber Animals: Squeezing a small animal that is made of rubber, such as a penguin or a giraffe, is very common among office workers who believe that they can kinesthetically lower stress.

Magnets: Tinkering with small magnets is a great way to boost cognitive speed.

Retractable Pens: Although the sound it makes may drive the rest of the office mad, clicking a pen has been shown to help workers retain focus on rather dull tasks.

Slinky: Manipulating and stretching the coil of a slinky keeps workers busy as they are processing instructions and thoughts during conference calls, and helps facilitate assignments that require a good deal of thought.

Smooth Rubbing Stones: Running your hand over smooth stones as you work has been shown to be relaxing. If you are feeling stressed out, give it a try, and see if the smooth texture can put you into a more meditative state.

Handheld Sandbox: Fidgeting with a polymer-blended box of sand is very effective for keeping yourself busy as you sit at your desk.

Interlocked Rings: Trying to solve the popular connected-rings puzzle will also increase your problem-solving abilities at the workplace.