Improve Efficiency at Your Staffing Agency: Automate Your Office


Whether your staffing agency employees five or 500, you should consider streamlining your business by automating your office.

Adding automation software allows your employees to be more efficient with the time they have. It easily makes your staffing agency higher functioning – your employees no longer have to spend their time doing remedial tasks and instead can focus on the bigger projects at hand. Improving efficiency at your staffing agency doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive!

Automation Software That Will Streamline Your Staffing Agency


Recruiters are at the heart of any staffing company. Give your recruiters more time to scout potential workers by automating your office.

Show your recruiters how to use job search websites to advertise your staffing agency. Often, these websites ask those searching for work what they have experience in, where they’re looking to work and what they’re hoping to get paid. If a description of your staffing agency matches at least one of the things they’re looking for, they’ll get an email notification about the job opening.

This gives your recruiters more time to talk to people in-person, which is more personable than online. While people are sending in applications via the internet to your recruiters, they can be out at a job fair speaking to others about your company.

Recommended job searching websites with automatic match alerts:


LinkedIn Jobs



If you have a sales team, they need automated call tracking software. Automated call tracking software is programming designed to keep all the information about your company’s calls in one place including who called, where they’re located and what they called to speak about.

A lot of this information can be automatically gathered by the software. If there is a note one of your sales employees wants to keep on a certain client or caller, the software normally has a small “notes” area where they can write whatever they need to remember.

Having one of these programs allows your sales team to keep contacts organized in a way that is much simpler than if they had to do it by hand. If a certain client calls several times, they can continually update their information within the automated call software.

Your sales team can have the potential customers information in front of them while on the phone, which gives them added confidence when speaking with them. It also lets them focus on customer relations instead of continually worrying about small details.

Normally, salespeople would have to take notes concerning who called, what services they were interested and so forth. Automate this part of your staffing agency and watch as your sales force exceeds expectations when it comes to pushing leads and socializing with potential clients.

Recommended automatic call tracking software:




Pay per click


If your staffing agency has a marketing department, they need to have access to automated email software. Automating certain emails cuts down the time your marketing employees spend on corresponding with clients, sending out promotional emails and responding to others.

Most automated email software lets your marketing department sort those in your email list however they please, then send personalized mass emails to those on said lists. Certain software even shows marketers who opened their emails, if anyone clicked on links placed in the email and if a conversion was made due to the correspondence.

The less time your marketing department spends on simple emailing, the more time they have to monitor advertising campaigns, write blogs and work on other, larger projects.

Recommended automatic email software:




Expense approvals and issuing/accepting payments are monotonous and time-consuming. Have your accounting department focus on other more important things by investing in automated billing software. Don’t worry, your team can make sure the software alert them if an expense seems too high or is otherwise unusual.

Have your accounting department check the expense reports weekly to make sure unneeded expenses don’t slip through the cracks.

Recommended automatic billing software:


Zoho Books



Managers across the board could use more time. From overseeing production to creating schedules, managers have a heavy workload in the office.

Streamline your staffing agency by giving your managers more time to manage rather than tinker with the schedule—use automatic scheduling software. If someone requests to leave for a doctor’s appointment, automatically approve them and place the change into the schedule.

Have the software notify the managers if someone is asking for leave to go on vacation, if there is a conflicting leave request or if it’s on a day that there is an event, meeting, etc.

Recommended automatic scheduling software:



When I Work


Save everyone in the office some time by using an online calendar. It’s not necessarily fully automated, but many online calendars import events from your inbox and text messages into the calendar on their own. Make a group calendar that the entire office has access to and see how much time it saves your company!

Recommended shared calendars:

Google Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Teamup Calendar

improve efficiency at staffing agency

Another way to improve efficiency at your staffing agency is by having continuous cash flow. Knowing how much money your company has at any given week allows you to budget better, invest where you can and grow at every opportunity. Factoring for staffing companies guarantees a steady cash flow fast, without having to worry about paying back debt.

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