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Factoring for Commercial Landscapers

Invoice Factoring for Landscaping Companies

Accounts receivable factoring, or invoice factoring, is the process of selling your invoices at a discounted rate to the factoring company in order to be advanced that invoice amount. Basically, this financing solution bridges the gap between payment periods.

Similar to construction factoring, factoring for commercial landscapers is a great solution to seasonal highs and lows or rapid growth. The advance allows you to take on new projects, cover payroll or finance new equipment while continuing to grow your business.

How Does Landscaping Factoring Work?

The factoring process for landscaping companies is simple. It starts with finding the right factoring company based on your location, size and financial needs.

This is where Factor Finders comes in. We listen to what you need and match you with the best factor based on those needs.

After you’re set up with a factoring company, you will submit your invoices for a cash advance, typically between 70 and 80 percent of the invoice amount. The factoring company will bill your customers on typical payment terms (30, 60 or 90 days for example). After the customer pays the factor, you will be given the remaining balance of the invoice, minus a small factoring fee.

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Benefits of Factoring for Commercial Landscapers

Fast cash within 24 hours

No hidden fees or long-term contracts

Easy approval

Funding potential is unlimited

Money to pay employees or subcontractors

Opportunity to take on new jobs

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