Marketing Your Small Business on Social Media: 3 Keys to Success

PFor most, the proper use of social media can make or break your small business marketing campaign. Marketing via social media has practically become a necessity to the success of small businesses, however it can be a difficult realm to navigate. With such a variety of social media channels, it can feel overwhelming to find a place to even start. And once you do start, how are you supposed to know what to say in order to attract the most amount of customers and gain followers through the various sites? These three tips will help your business take off on the social media front in order for you to establish and expand your company’s reputation.

Choose the Correct Channels.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be on all channels of social media in order to establish a relevant footprint. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have proven themselves to be the most popular and beneficial mediums for professional marketing. 72% of people are more likely to purchase a product from a small business once they have interacted with them on Twitter, so what are you waiting for? Instagram is also a great way to market your company as it provides a face and voice to your business. Furthermore, the sites offer a channel of advertising that allow companies to increase their reach via sponsored messages and targeted ads.

Sell Your Product!

The beauty of social media, contrary to traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, is that you can interact with your customers, so do it! Engage your customers, let them know about upcoming sales and news about your products. Perhaps even more important is to respond and communicate with your customers as they express ideas and concerns of your company on your various sites. You should consider every person who visits your sites a potential customer; greet them and thank them for their business!

Create a Brand and Stay Involved.

Establish an identity for your company that stays true to all of your websites, and run with it. Trust is a key component of social media. It’s important for your followers to be able to count on you for keeping up with your posts; whether it’s news about your company, responding to their concerns, or selling your new products. Once you create a brand for yourself across your various social media platforms, keep up with them! Keep your customers interested by weighing in on current events, updating your profiles, and talking to your customers in a genuine manner.

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