Searching for a New Business Idea? Get Weird to Get Creative

Are you looking for a new, original idea to promote your business, but just can’t seem to find it? Well, it would appear that sometimes, in order come up with out of the box ideas, one must do out of the box things.

It is very well known that history’s most creative and innovative thinkers have had a couple of bizarre habits that inspired their inventiveness. Those who can innovate just operate a bit differently from the rest of us. Nonetheless, it is important for small business owners to be able to channel their inner Benjamin Franklin, Edison or Steve Jobs every once in a while to promote their business in clever, original ways. That is much easier said than done, though!

But, if you are looking for a little help in finding an interesting idea, you may want to see some of the peculiar things that have gotten the creative juices flowing for some of the most inventive (and successful) people in history. cartoon frustrated job seeker

Strange sleeping patterns.

The wealthiest and most influential people have the weirdest sleeping habits, it seems. Many are so ambitious that they simply refused to make time for rest. Thomas Edison, for example, despised sleeping, and would sometimes go sleepless for 72 consecutive hours if he was on a roll with a new idea, according to Business Insider (BI). Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is somewhat similar, reported to having slept at her desk every night, sometimes putting 130 hours a week into her work.  

However, if you are a typical human, as are most of us, you enjoy sleep. But there are still ways that you can try shaking up your sleep schedule. Former English Prime Minister Winston Churchill was known for his 5 o’clock nap time, which would give him the energy to work throughout the night. Leonardo Da Vinci slept for twenty minutes every four hours. And of course, Benjamin Franklin famously championed his “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” mantra throughout his entire life. There is no universally correct sleeping pattern to maximize brain activity, but sometimes veering away from the traditional eight-hour chunk model can help.

No distractions.

For some, it is important to be removed from all potential diverters of attention as they are working and coming up with new ideas. Take author Jonathan Franzen, who takes blocking out distractions to a new level by blindfolding himself and plugging his ears—therefore he literally cannot sense any diversions. Others, while less extreme, follow that same “do not disturb” principle. According to BI, Maya Angelou would go to a hotel room in order to get the absolute privacy that she needed to create new ideas. Some people work better with peace, quiet and solitude.

Working in alternative places, alternative positions.

For many, the traditional desk set up is a no go for new ideas. Great thoughts can come in strange places. In fact, there are several studies that show that people naturally do their best thinking in the shower (Beethoven, for example, preferred to do his composing during his bath time).

Others find that their cognitive function is most enhanced while on their feet. Ernest Hemingway was known for doing all of his writing while standing up, and many psychologists believe that creativity is maximized while walking.

Find what works for you.

Each creative mind has its own likes and dislikes, its own habits that help it function. The key is just to find what works for you. That is why, while on your quest to find new and innovative ideas for your small business, you ought to consider increasing your cash flow with invoice factoring (sometimes called accounts receivable factoring). The accounts receivable factoring process is a safe, efficient way to increase your company’s working capital quickly, giving you the freedom to invest in new business endeavors. Whether you attain it from an off-kilter sleep schedule or work environment, when you have a creative idea for business expansion, you want to implement it. Don’t let a lack of funding stop you. Contact Factor Finders, increase your cash flow, and put your great ideas into action.

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