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Office Staffing Factoring

September 6, 2022
Phil Cohen

Let Factor Finders Help You with the 9-5

Temporary administrative professionals fulfill a number of vital functions. Staffing clerical positions can be profitable, but if your profits are stuck in unpaid invoices then office staffing factoring with Factor Finders can rejuvenate your cash flow! Factoring your staffing receivables gives you immediate cash that you can use to cover payroll and other office expenses, attract new clients, and grow your business. With quick approval and same-day cash once approved, you will no longer wait weeks or months to access working capital.

How Does Factoring Work for Office Staffing Companies?

Staffing invoice factoring is an alternative to traditional lending, but not a loan itself. The factoring company will purchase the right to collect your invoices and advance you up to 90 percent of their face value up front. You collect the remainder, minus a small factoring fee, when the factor collects from your customers.

You can submit invoices as often as you need to secure funding, and cash is available within 24 hours of invoice verification.

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Payroll Funding Can Grow Your Clerical Staffing Firm

Aside from same-day funding potential, there are a number of ways that factoring can help your staffing company thrive:


You have complete control over your factoring costs, because you only submit the invoices you want to fund and only when you want to fund them. Because your rate is the same for different customers, you will always know what an invoice will cost you to factor.

Administrative Support

Office staffing factors provide complimentary credit review services and collections efforts to follow up with your current and prospective customers. This can save you hundreds of dollars per month, as well as giving you more time to focus on building your staffing company.

Credit Repair

Are you a startup or have you suffered a difficult financial period? Office staffing factoring can help you get back on top! Use the cash you receive to get early-pay discounts from your creditors, pay down old debts, and rebuild your business credit rating to prepare for future investments.

Access to Larger Contracts

With consistent working capital, you can pursue larger clients and employ more office professionals without worrying about how to cover the additional costs. New clients mean more sales, and higher sales mean higher funding potential from your office staffing factoring company!

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Start Factoring Your Office Staffing Invoices Today!

Qualifying for factoring your office staffing invoices is easy. Simply complete an online application then send copies of your current customer list and invoices you wish to factor. A streamlined due diligence process allows you to get approved and get funded faster.

Factoring companies base their funding decisions on your customers’ credit and payment history, and we will fund verified invoices for completed staffing shifts payable by your approved customers.

Funding for Administrative Staffing Agencies of All Sizes

If you specialize in providing administrative professionals to businesses and you could use a cash flow boost to grow your staffing agency, you’ve come to the right place. We help the following office staffing specialties:

  • Administrative or Executive Assistant
  • Customer Services Representative
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Medical Records Clerk
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Office Clerk
  • Receptionist

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