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Oil & Gas Receivable Factoring Case Study

Factor Finders Extends $1 Million Credit Line to Geophysical Contractor

The business owner was barely meeting his current operating expenses, and future growth looked bleak without alternative financing. The geophysical contractor knew he needed to secure funding fast, so he chose Factor Finders to assist him in locating a credible oil and gas factoring firm to finance his receivables. Within two weeks, the local seismic exploration contractor was granted a $1 million credit line with Factor Finders.

Factor Finders’ oil and gas receivable factoring services are the best option for a business owner that is experiencing growth because owners apply for and generate quick cash as soon as they take on new jobs. When an oil and gas factoring company purchases invoices, the business owner gets cash immediately to cover their expenses.

In addition, Factor Finders also provides financial solutions to other types of companies within the oil and gas industries such as seismic surveyors, drill rigs, pipes, pumps, and production tools. 


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