8 Personality Traits of a Great Boss

staffing agencies, employer confusionThe term “lead by example” has been thrown at us throughout our lives as a cue that we must guide the way for those around us. But, what does it really mean? Does it mean that we should rapidly change into our superhero costumes and fly into the sunset to save the day? Or, is it as simple as staying true to our word? If you are a manager or owner of a small business, being the best leader and boss that you can be is very important for your company and employees. A business can only hope to be successful if they are passionate and motivated by the work they are doing, and that all begins at the top of the food chain. Great leaders are easy to identify from afar, but what is it about them that makes us want to follow the direction that they are going? Here are 8 of the most important personality traits to becoming a great boss inside of the office, and a leader outside of it.


Be Positive. Having a great workplace stems from the environment that is brought into it. Convey a positive mentality as you walk into the office each day, knowing that each challenge that comes before you is an opportunity to succeed. A positive attitude can be the most important part in achieving a goal for a company, not to mention the attractive aura it creates from a client’s perspective.

Be Motivating. Part of a positive mindset comes with the responsibility to make your employees feel the same way. Everyone wants to work for someone that they like on a personal level, but who will also make sure that they are bringing out the best of their abilities. Workers are more willing to do what’s best for the company if they have been inspired by their boss.

Be Honest. Honesty is one of the most difficult characteristics to manage because it can often lead to painful conversations. However, it is important to keep employees in the loop. Let them know what you expect from them and whether they are meeting your standards or not. Illustrate the big picture of the company to them and how you intend to get there in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Be Composed. Remaining composed at all times can be one of the great challenges of maintaining an honest work philosophy. Nevertheless, it is important that your employees feel comfortable approaching you if something has gone wrong, and that can be very hard to do if their boss is known for having a short fuse.

Be Consistent. Set rules and stick to them. A consistent boss is easy to trust as employees know what to expect from them. Ubiquitous equality is essential to a successful office; your employees must know that you will not play favorites in any given scenario.

Be Accountable. Your employees should be able to depend on you for everything from being on time to meetings to carrying out the promises that you make. Accountability is your ticket to leading by example. A trusted relationship between yourself and your employees will make it much easier for everyone to collaborate.

Be Likable. Make your office a fun place to be! Celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special occasions in enjoyable ways. Don’t be all business all of the time, let your employees see your personal side and enjoy the office. Your workers will be more driven to exceed your expectations if they know they are respected by you.

Be Resilient. There will be times when business isn’t going your way and your employees will look to you for the answer, make sure they know that you have not flinched. Use your setbacks as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and make them positives. Don’t be afraid to change your business pattern, smart risk-taking is often met with great reward.