Pinterest: A Potential Tool for Staffing Agencies

Though a relative newcomer to social media, Pinterest has attracted millions of users and is now worth $3.8 billion. Its focus on curated visual content catapulted it to popularity within months of its launch, and businesses are now finding the platform to be perfect for marketing and recruiting. Savvy staffing agencies can use Pinterest as an additional tool for business growth.

pinterest for staffing agencies
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Pinterest’s concept is simple: users (or businesses) create different boards where they “pin” relevant content such as photos, videos, infographics, and white papers, both original and “re-pinned” from other users. Users interact with one another through re-pinning, favoriting, and clicking through links to the original content. Click-throughs provide the greatest potential for staffing agencies looking to expand their audience.

Staffing agencies should employ a few key strategies to get the most out of Pinterest:


  • Create separate boards for each topic you cover, including individual jobs. This will help you target the appropriate audience for each type of content and start a conversation, and it gives you the opportunity to showcase every part of your business.Example boards: Technical Staffing Jobs, Creative Staffing Jobs, Healthcare Staffing Jobs, Staffing News, boards for industry-specific content – if you place candidates with technology companies, create a board for Technology and pin images of new devices!
  • Pin a variety of media, not just pictures, to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Engage! Simply pinning your own content creates a one-sided conversation that won’t attract candidates or clients to your company. Search for related boards and re-pin interesting content, click to “favorite” items you like, and follow people and boards. Most will follow you back if they like what they see.
  • Balance your pins between content that sells your company and content that benefits your audience, and err toward more of the latter. Job candidates are like other customer subsets in that they are searching for how you can help them. Show off your company culture with a board dedicated to team-building or “behind the scenes” pins, so they can imagine how they would fit in with your company.
  • You can search pins to find staffing candidates! Use job search-related keywords (CV, resume, etc.) to find links to candidates’ content. The added bonus is that their other pins will help you get to know them before you ever schedule an interview.

As with other social media platforms, Pinterest users fall more heavily into certain demographics than others; as such, the platform may not be effective for every staffing agency. However, greater exposure through social media can help you attract talented candidates who may not have otherwise known about your company. It is well worth your time to put Pinterest to work for you.

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