Getting Ready for Small Business Week

small business woman

Main Street, it is time to celebrate! Monday, May 2 marks the start of National Small Business Week. From Monday to Friday, the U.S. Small Business Administration will be hosting events and webinars honoring the crucial role that American small businesses play in the overall economy—be sure that your company doesn’t miss out on something beneficial!

Need the inside scoop of what the week ahead holds? Here is a quick guide to take you through the week’s events and webinars.

Monday, May 2

On Monday, the Small Business Awards Ceremony will be held at the United States Institute of Peace. This event will be held in order to honor the small business executives that have been running exemplary outfits over the course of their careers. The awards show can be seen live online.

There are also two webinars available on Monday, one called “Taking the Mystery out of Voluntary Benefits” and the other “The Decline of Magstripe Cards—and What That Means for Your Business.”

Tuesday, May 3

On Tuesday, SBA Deputy Administrator Doug Kramer and various other small business buffs will be giving a talk in Atlanta about the future of the small business sector of the economy. Later in the evening, the SBA Administrator will give a multimedia presentation from the Apollo Theater that is intended to help Millennials get started with small businesses of their own. Both are streamable from the SBA website.

Tuesday’s webinar is called “Cloud, Mobile, and Social: Great Apps and Services That Will Grow Your Business.”

Wednesday, May 4

On Hump Day, the only event scheduled is the Colorado Small Business Week awards ceremony.

As far as webinars go, Sam’s Club will be sponsoring an emission called “Access to Capital and Business Loans: Best Practices.”

Thursday, May 5

Thursday’s event features SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet discussing veteran entrepreneurs and their small business journey.

The webinar for that day is titled “Tips for Getting Your Business Financially Fit.”

Friday, May 6

Small Business Week will reach its finale on Friday, May 6 from San Jose, California. There, the SBA Administrator will team up with the Mayor of San Jose and talk about small business trends and helpful resources that can guide you in reaching the growth that you strive for. There are no webinars on May 6.

During Small Business week, there are several free educational tutorials that could help your small business re-assess its strategy. Many of the events deal with helping small businesses find solutions to financial problems. Are you finding that your small business doesn’t have the working capital that it needs to expand? If so, then get in touch with Factor Finders. We can help companies from dozens of industries get the cash flow that they need to grow. Give us a call or request a free quote today!