The Top Productivity Apps for 2019


Looking for some new apps to keep you and your team productive to kick off the new year? Look on further. There are many new apps out there that are available to small businesses to keep everyone on the same page. We understand that running your own business can be tough and staying on track is never easy. Having everyday tasks be a little easier to manage is always great. Check out our list for the most productive apps to implement in 2019.

Stay Productive in 2019

1. Trello

Trello is an app that offers a way to set up lists of tasks for your employees on a shareable platform. This way, employees can see assignments and then make comments and suggestions. Trello offers a way for companies to stay in touch with certain parts of their team.

In the app you can add attachments, deadlines, images, Trello is available for both Android, Apple, and Windows 8. Trello is a free app, but you can upgrade to the business version for $9.99 or the enterprise version for $20.83

2. 1Password

If your business has many different logins and passwords for different programs you may use, 1password can put those all in one place. Within a few clicks, you will be into the system that you need without having to look through excel spreadsheets of passwords.

Not only is it convenient, but it is also secure. 1password touts its security by encrypting a master password, or you may also access them with the touch of your fingerprint on supported devices. This app is free to use.

3. Mint

Mint is great for business owners who have multiple bank accounts and credit cards for their personal and business operations. It is a way to keep them all charted in one place so you can see the amount and the progression on your spending each month.

The makers of TurboTax created this helpful application to keep all bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and more in one simple platform. This way you can keep on top of bills and find new ways to save money each month. Mint is available on both Android and Apple, as well as a desktop app. The app is free.

4. Google Trips

Google Trips can be used to plan business trips for you and your coworkers. Any hotel or flight reservations are instantly grabbed from Gmail and put into the app. This way all of your trip planning is in one place and you can easily organize everything you need.

All flight, hotel, rental car, reservations and more are in one easy to access place. Google Trips also offers recommendations for your trip like nearby events, open restaurants, attractions and more. Google Trips is your personal concierge on both Android and Apple, for free.

5. Forest

Keep your mind on projects you have to work on today with Forest. We all know that staying committed to one task without having our mind wander on to other things like e-mail, texts, social media and shopping can be hard. The Internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities that make it harder to stay on track. Forest adds a little fun to stay on track.

Set the timer for whatever job you need to get done and the app sets a timer for you with a growing tree that you can progress throughout your project. It makes buckling down and finishing a task that much better! Forest is available on Apple and Android for $0.99

6. Site Block

This Chrome-only extension can be a little scary. This app allows you to block sites like social media and entertaining sites we like to get distracted by every day. Keep procrastination at bay by blocking every site that distracts you on a daily basis.

You are also able to see how many times you try to visit the blocked sites WHILE they were blocked. It’s amazing how your subconscious works! Simply add the app to the chrome browser and block all the sites you need to stay away from in order to get your work done. The app will do the rest!

7. Slack

Slack is a great app for communicating with either a small or large group of users up to 3,000 people. Slack allows you to send group messages or chat one-on-one. It’s is also ideal because you can instantly share documents, photos, links and more, eliminating the need for those pesky emails.  Slack can be integrated with other apps such as Dropbox and more.

8. Workflow

Workflow allows you to make your daily tasks easier. If there is something that you need to complete for your job, make a button for it in Workflow. This way, all you have to do is touch a button and the task is done. Calling an Uber, sending an email and adding something to your calendar can all be managed through the Workflow app.

You can even make a button to call your parents. Now that is a good button to have! Workflow is available for both Apple and Android. The app is $2.99

9. Dropbox 

Although Dropbox has been around for quite some time, not every business is using it. Small business owners who have documents that need to be shared and edited throughout the company, Dropbox is perfect. Documents are easily shared and edited with permissions set. This is available for both desktop and mobile and is a free program.

Dropbox offers lots of storage space with the capability to integrate tools and third-party apps. Admin accounts can be made to manage a group and sharing preferences as well as security. Dropbox is the easiest way to share and edit documents without having to re-save multiple copies of Excel sheets.

10. Pomello

Pomello is an awesome partner app for Trello. Pomello partners with your Trello to keep track of your progress and well as how long it took to do it. Pomello is a free Chrome extension for your computer. This way, yourself and your employees will be able to stay on track with assignments and deadlines.

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