Small Business Factoring Treats – No Tricks!

Fall is a busy time of year for most businesses, and it is also the prime time to set plans in motion for the coming year. If you have a small business that is scrambling to get working capital in place for new campaigns or to recover from a slow period, go trick or treating with Factor Finders! Small business factoring has the treats you need without the tricks.

Why Factoring is a Treat:

small business factoring


Fast funding

Don’t wait weeks or months to secure funding. Starting a Small business factoring program takes as little as 3 to 5 working days to complete!

It can take weeks for banks to approve your company for a loan! However, factoring companies can approve your funding request in as little as 24 hours with funding following within the next business day.


You shouldn’t have to completely overhaul the way you do business to find an affordable funding solution. Never worry about making payroll or expanding your business again — as long as you have invoices, we can help you find someone to factor them.

Small business factoring provides funding when you need it, as often as you need it, and without minimum or maximum thresholds to meet.

Free back office support

Do you need additional help with issuing and managing invoices? A small business factoring company can help!

Many factors offer administrative support to help you save money and time. You can also rely on your factoring company for necessary credit and background checks for your current and prospective customers. It takes a lot to run a small business — don’t spend your time on back office support when someone can be doing it for you.

small business factoring

What about the tricks?

With small business factoring, you don’t need to worry about tricks! Factoring puts money in your account without adding new debt to your balance sheet. Factoring companies advance cash against the value of your open invoices and then collect from your customers. Because they are not lending you money, there is no debt to repay!

There are a number of additional benefits that small business factoring offers to companies looking to restructure or expand. Companies in nearly any industry can qualify with just a few simple documents.

Leaving your cash flow up to chance? Now that’s scary.

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