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Small Business Hiring: Four Strategies for Success

July 14, 2022
Phil Cohen

The success of your small business will rely heavily on who is working for your company, which means you need to employ smart, dedicated, and qualified people.

Here are 4 tips for small business hiring:

1. Take your time
It’s important to dedicate the time to finding and hiring employees. Schedule this process into your workday and set aside the time to conduct phone or video interviews to narrow down your candidates before inviting the top prospects in for a face-to-face interview. Introducing potential hires to other employees is also a good way to gauge how they will fit into the business and get first impressions from your employees on the individual.

2. Test-drive your employees before making them your employees
Hiring contract or temporary employees can be a great way to try someone out before hiring them on a permanent basis. This can also save your business money, in addition to finding someone to fill a position quickly, albeit with a provisional status. Converting a contractor or temp to a full-time employee is easier than hiring someone completely new as they already know the company, other employees, and what they’ll be expected to do.

3. Network to find potential hires
Building and maintaining a network will give you a wide web of individuals you can recruit for open jobs. Even if you’re not hiring at the moment, keeping up with business contacts, colleagues, etc. will make your job easier when you do start looking for candidates to fill a position. Don’t wait for people to start looking for jobs and contacting your company; be active in your job search and networking.

4. Don’t settle
Even if you are anxious to fill a position, don’t settle for someone just to fill the slot. You need to hire smart and though you may need to hire an individual sooner rather than later, don’t hire someone you know won’t work in the long run. Don’t lower your standards and keep looking for the candidate who will work hard and be right for your company.

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