Same-Day Delivery Is Necessary for Small Businesses

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The Threat of “Same-Day Delivery”

Mega-companies like Amazon, EBay and Walmart make life impossible for small business owners. Thriving amidst their stranglehold over the American economy has been the biggest challenge for the small business sector for the past decade. But now, those goliaths have upped the ante in their quest for omnipotence by offering same-day delivery via online venues.

And of course, consumers are eating it up—who doesn’t like the convenience of purchasing something online and then getting it delivered to their doorstep that same day?

If you hope to stay in business for the long run, you will have to find a way to counter the convenience of Amazon and the other mega-corporations. Your small business may have to experiment with same-day delivery—but how is this done for smaller, independent companies?

How to Offer Same-Day Delivery as a Local Retailer

Small business owners need not disparage. There are a couple of different services that can help you match the speed and efficiency of Amazon and the other titans of retail.

FedEx offers a program called SameDay City, a for-hire delivery system that helps local retailers deliver packages in a matter of hours. SameDay City is available in 23 different metropolitan areas around the country and has a wide array of services that can help you keep pace with Amazon. There are also a wide variety of city-specific companies that provide same day delivery for independent retailers, particularly in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Same-day local delivery is easily accessible and can give you a competitive edge against your franchise rivals. They key is finding the third-party delivery system that is the right fit for your business. The same is also true when it comes to finding a factoring company—luckily, though, Factor Finders can do that for you. Give us a call, tell us a little bit about your company and let us match you with the best factoring services that industry has to offer. While it is difficult to keep up with Amazon and Walmart, it is not difficult to increase your cash flow—get in touch with a Factor Finders representative today!