Staffing Companies: Expect Job Growth Over the Next Decade

Over the next decade, 55 million new and existing job openings will become available to U.S. workers. Since unemployment remains high, it’s crucial to know what industries will be in high demand. According to the Wall Street Journal, the following industries are primed to experience growth in the coming years.

1. Health care: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the healthcare field with experience the most growth of any sector. Healthcare staffing and social assistance positions are expected to gain 5.6 million jobs. Registered nurses, physician’s assistants, home health care aides, etc. will be in demand.

Nurse staffing demand increases

2. Medium-skill jobs: Many of these positions won’t require college degrees, but will require sharp technical and interpersonal skills. These may include jobs in trades such as electricians and plumbers or other fields like construction or culinary.

3. Leisure and hospitality: Vacation and business travel are expected to grow as our economy improves. International travel to the U.S. is also anticipated to increase bringing more opportunities in the service industry.

4. Professional services: Careers in legal service, accounting, advertising and business consulting will generate 3.8 million positions this decade.

5. Technology and information services: The BLS predicts 778,000 new jobs in the computer and mathematical industry. Positions include computer-systems analysts, information-security analysts, software developers, mobile app developers and cloud developers. Another perk of the IT industry? The jobs are well-paying.

6. Business and financial operations: Expect another 1.17 million jobs for occupations such as credit counselors, compliance officers and financial examiners – especially as companies are adding staff to comply with stricter financial and healthcare regulations.

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