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Legal Insurance and Taxes

Insurance Basics for Your Small Business

In a perfect world, insurance would be an unnecessary expense, taking away from your company’s bottom line. We live in the real world, though, and accidents happen. This guide to small business insurance breaks down some of the most important types of insurance to assure you’re covered when things go wrong.

Surviving Your Business’ First Tax Season

You’ve got your business up and running, but tax season is looming on the horizon. Though it’s a bit more complicated than filing personal taxes, with some research you’ll be on your way to a painless tax experience. We’ve compiled some tax tips to help first timers through the stresses of dealing with the IRS.  

So, you’ve got the perfect idea for a business, and a perfect business plan: is your location just as perfect? When it comes to taxes, there can be a big difference in what you owe depending on where you’re at.  Check out this breakdown of the best and worst states for income tax, sales tax, corporate tax and capital gains tax.

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