The 12 Staffing Days of Christmas

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In celebration of the holiday season, Factor Finders presents The 12 Staffing Days of Christmas, a countdown of resources for your staffing company to start 2019 off right.

Staffing Tips for Christmas & the New Year

12 new business goals:

Re-evaluate your business plan and come up with one new goal for each month of 2019. Goals may include working toward company growth, securing new contracts, or moving into a different industry. Make sure your goals are attainable and consistent with your company values, and you will have a great head start to the New Year!

If you’re unsure about which goals you should pursue, consider checking out our article on the top business trends of 2019.


11 months of healthcare:

If you provide healthcare to your employees, it is important to familiarize yourself with Obamacare, as well as President Trump’s plans to change to the healthcare system. Staying abreast of the system keeps both you and your employees as safe as possible.


10 job board sites:

If you want your jobs to be seen by the best candidates, post them on the best sites. We have ten of the top sites to get you started!


9 staffing hot spots:

Staffing is thriving in a number of cities around the country. Find out what’s hot in your area, or where your niche is strongest.

8 social media sites:

Invest in a strong social media strategy to promote your company, and follow our tips for social media success. There are eight great platforms to get you started:


7 happy staffers:

Don’t forget your employees’ happiness in the coming year! Keeping your staffing employees happy will not only benefit their well-being but will be a boon to your business in the long run.


6 recruitment apps: rounded up six recruitment apps to keep your company functioning even when you’re on the go. We personally recommend LinkedIn Mobile and CardMunch from experience, but any of these would be great apps to make your company mobile.


5 growing industries:

The temporary staffing industry saw impressive growth throughout 2016. Certain types of staffing are in higher demand than others, though, and will continue to be into 2017:

  • Skilled labor
  • General labor
  • Healthcare staffing
  • IT staffing
  • Administrative/clerical


4 recruiting tools:

Never stop looking for new tools to recruit talent. Start with these four sites, and use staffing and recruitment search terms to find what you need:

  • RecruitingTools
  • TechCrunch
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Meetup – this may seem counter-intuitive to start, but there are meetup groups for nearly every interest and specialty known today. If you can’t find a local meetup, start one! It’s a great way to network and connect with potential talent.


3 recruitment groups:

Make it a priority to join at least three recruitment groups on LinkedIn and Google+ this year. These groups will allow you to connect with colleagues in the industry and share best practices, as well as with talent looking for the types of positions you want to fill. Many groups are open, but some may require moderator approval before you will have posting privileges.

Some good groups to begin:


2 new staffing leads:

Even if large-scale growth is not on your radar this year, bringing on new clients allows you to spread your risk and potentially yield even greater rewards. Look for companies that are starting up in your area, growing or transitioning and that will need temporary staff to fill new positions. For an added challenge, you may consider choosing an additional niche to serve!


…And healthy cash flow for next year!

Cash on hand will offer you the greatest peace of mind as the calendar rolls over to January 1. Whether you are thinking of growth or just trying to hang on, think about beginning a staffing factoring program to fund your invoices. Staffing factoring gives you immediate access to cash so you can meet your business goals and achieve greater peace of mind.



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Happy Holidays from Factor Finders!