Top 10 Jobs that Allow a Great Work Life Balance

jobs for a work life balance

Everybody loves to have free-time. Relaxing and taking a step away from the office is essential to any professional’s wellbeing. But do you feel as if your life is increasingly becoming dominated by your job? Do you get the feeling that you are losing your free-time? Well, according to a Glassdoor survey, your intuition may be on to something.

Workers from all disciplines are reporting their jobs are affording them less free-time this year than last year. It’s important for employees’ productivity that they have enough time to relax at home to ensure efficiency while they are in the office. But not all professionals feel as if their life is all work and no play. Here is a list of the ten best jobs that leave their workers with plenty of time away from the office.

Ten Jobs that Promise Free Time

  1. Data Scientist

This is the field that takes the number one spot in the Glassdoor survey for work-life balance. Data scientists earn an average yearly salary of $114,808, and it is a continually growing field. Between the high salary and the non-invasive schedule, data scientists have struck the perfect balance between work and play.

  1. IT Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Managers in IT departments are also living the good life in the modern economy. Forbes reports that they earn just shy of $100,000 annually, and a significant percent of them are able to telecommute, freeing up a great deal of time for leisure.

  1. Actuary

93% of actuaries report to have a flexible schedule, according to Forbes. And when you throw their $94,600 average salary into the mix, you have a job that is high-earning and non-demanding.

  1. SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimization is an ever-expanding branch of marketing that allots SEO Managers plenty of free-time throughout the work week.

  1. Clinical Research Associate

With a notable percentage of workers that can telecommute (17%) and a vast majority who say they have a flexible schedule (85%), Clinical Research Associates round out the list with a great balance of work and play.

  1. Mobile Developer

With the average salary being slightly over $100,000, mobile developers rated their work life balance a 4 out of 5 in the Glassdoor survey. Most mobile developers have the option to work remote which contributes to a good amount of free time.

  1. Corporate Recruiter

Corporate recruiters are tasked with finding qualified candidates to fill open roles. Glassdoor’s survey shows recruiters mostly consider their jobs 9am-5pm careers with enough time at home to make for a satisfying amount of free time.

  1. User Experience Designer

With an average salary of $91,440, UX designers said they give their careers a 4 out of 5 work life balance rating. UX designers have an exceptionally flexible schedule which amounts to a healthy work life balance.

  1. Substitute Teacher

Substitute teachers are not required to work every day, making for a lot of free time, if desired. Most substitute teachers are able to work as much or as little as they prefer, making it simple to create the perfect flexible schedule.

  1. Research Engineer

The Glassdoor survey reflects the fact that research engineers rated their jobs highly in the free time aspect. This 6-figure salaried job allows research engineers to work from home a few times per week to ensure a good work life balance.

Looking to free up some time?

With ever-increasing stress levels in the workplace, work life balance is becoming more and more important each day. Flexible schedules are a great solution to low productivity problems while at work. Employees who have the chance to work from home a few times per week reported higher productivity levels and better motivation when they do come into the office.

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