What Job Seekers Really Look For: 4 Useful Tips

When it comes to searching for a job online, there are many discrepancies between what employers offer and what candidates expect throughout the hiring process.  To address this disconnect, a recent study conducted by CareerBuilder.com offers advice for temp staffing recruiters and employers as they try to accommodate to the needs of job candidates and understand what motivates them to apply for positions.

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In addition to providing valuable insight for recruiters, the 2013 Candidate Behavior Study offers helpful tips to attract and retain new talent.

What do job seekers REALLY want?

Temp staffing agencies and companies can attract more talented applicants by paying attention to these four employment tips:

1.  Mobile Accessibility

In the new age of mobile technology, more and more candidates are conducting their job searches via mobile devices.  Furthermore, at least half of job seekers who own a tablet or smartphone spend at least three hours searching for jobs using these mobile devices on a weekly basis.  As a result of this developing trend, employers and staffing firms (especially IT staffing firms) who do not optimize their ads for mobile search are missing out on reaching these potential prospects.

2. Reputation over money

Among surveyed job seekers, 68 percent admitted that they would take a lower salary if the company image and overall reputation was highly favorable. Basically, if the candidate got a good impression from the employer throughout the hiring process, they would be more likely to accept lower pay. Nevertheless, 29 percent of surveyed job seekers said they believe that employers need to do a better job explaining the benefits of working for their company, and elaborate as to why their business is a good place to work.

3. Responsiveness

According to an earlier study conducted by CareerBuilder, job seekers admitted that when they never heard back after applying to a particular company, they were less likely to invest in products or services from that business in the future. Additionally, 62 percent of job seekers said that companies have been unresponsive to their applications. Regardless, 56 percent of employers admitted that they didn’t send out responses to all candidates, or even acknowledge their applications in the first place.

4.  Job Flexibility

Establishing a healthy balance between the workplace and everyday life has become a top priority for many job seekers. When it comes to accepting or rejecting a job offer, 72 percent of workers said that a flexible schedule can make all the difference in their decision.

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