Where Can Small Business Owners Get Loans?

Cash flow is vital  to business success.  Bank requirements are strict and obtaining a business bank loan (especially if you are a small business or start-up) can prove tough.  According to a survey by the National Small Business Association, 47% of small business owners report needing funds for business, but being unable to find anyone willing to lend to them.

When lacking working capital, small businesses reported that their biggest hurdle was the inability to grow their business or expand their operation.

Don’t bypass growth opportunities due to lack of cash flow. Invoice factoring companies like Factor Finders will purchase your unpaid invoices and advance you the funds necessary for your business to thrive. It’s okay if your credit is less than stellar. Our factoring company bases approval on the credit of your customers – not your personal or company credit.

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For more about the survey, check out the infographic published by Intuit.com

via: Small Business Loans Are a Capital Problem [INFOGRAPHIC]