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What is Preventing Workplace Productivity in Your Business?

July 14, 2022
Phil Cohen

Most people are inherently easily distracted, particularly when working. And with the advent of the smartphone and internet, the number of potential distractions in the workplace is steeply rising.

So what exactly are some behaviors that could be hindering your small business’s workplace productivity?

Inhibitors of Workplace Productivity

Pokémon Go and Mobile Games

It will surely go down in history as the most memorable fad of the summer of 2016. Pokémon GO, the smartphone game that has brought about a resounding resurgence of the iconic television show/card game, is among the most popular—and addictive—smartphone apps that are on the market, and it continues to consume the attention of those who play. In fact, it is proving to be so addictive that people can’t set it down, even in the workplace. According to a Forbes poll, 69% of users play Pokemon Go while they are working. Considering that the app peaked at 25 million daily users a few months ago, it is not a hyperbole to say that the game is a huge potential distraction to the workplace. It may increase productivity in the workplace if you establish an office policy that prohibits Pokémon Go and other smartphone games during the workday—encourage your employees to “catch ‘em all” after work.

Smartphones, texting and personal emails

Almost 70% of Americans own a smartphone, which means that they have access to several mediums of global communication in their pocket at all times. Increasing efficiency in the workplace is difficult when workers are focused on non-related communication, so consider making policies that limit employee’s time spent on a smartphone. Without their IPhone or Android in their hands, productivity in the workplace will rise.

Smoke Breaks

Smoking kills workplace productivity—but what’s more, it also kills an employer’s wallet. Studies in the United Kingdom indicate that employees who smoke lose 136 hours of productivity every year, costing a business up to $2,537 in unproductive wages. Encourage your employees to avoid taking too many smoke breaks. Nobody can be productive if they have to take ten minute breaks several times per day in order to smoke a cigarette, and all of that wasted time will really come back to cost your business.

Employee-employee conflicts

It is a shibboleth taken straight out of the book of leadership 101—team work makes the dream work. If there is an issue between two employees, it is in your best interest that it gets resolved, whether by you or by them. Keep a careful eye on the office moral and make sure that there are no distractions in the workplace caused by spats between coworkers.

Sitting and sitting

Nobody can focus after several consecutive hours of sitting at a desk or in a cubicle, so don’t expect your workers to do so. Encouraging employees to take short walks throughout the workday may help increase their workplace productivity, as walking has been linked with rejuvenated brain activity and attention.

The Boring Cubicle

It is hard to be productive in the workplace if your workstation is a bland, corporate cubicle. A creative environment catalyzes creative thinking, so it may be a good idea to encourage your employees to decorate their cubicles and bring some personality to the office. An interesting work environment will surely boost workplace productivity.

It is not difficult to increase the level of productivity in the workplace—just make sure that your workers get along with one another, get some light exercise, and save texting and catching Pokémon for when they are not on the clock. Are you looking for a way to increase your financial productivity as well? Bank loans are often times not the best way to increase your small business’s cash flow, as you can accrue debt or be flat out rejected for a loan to begin with. Instead, consider the marketplace’s best form of alternative finance or invoice factoring. Get in touch with an invoice factoring company specialist from Factor Finders and start increasing your financial productivity today.

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