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Secure fast funding to grow your business. Turn your outstanding invoices into immediate cash with factoring.

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Flexible Funding for All Businesses

Why wait to be paid? Accounts receivable factoring turns your unpaid invoices into same day cash. Factoring is a fast and easy way to streamline your cash flow. Factor Finders is dedicated to helping your business secure the funding you need to grow and prosper.

Why Do You Need a Factoring Broker?

Save time and make sure your business is matched with the factoring company that best fits your needs.

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Why Choose Factor Finders as Your Broker?

With our network of factoring companies in the United States, we can get your business funded.

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Factor Finders specializes in providing invoice financing to fund companies that sell goods or services in a wide variety of industries.


How It Works

The factoring process is quick, easy and gets your company the funding you need within 24 hours.

Step 1

Continue to Serve Your Customers

You provide goods and/or services to your customers like usual.

Step 2

Submit Invoices to Factor

Submit the invoices you wish to factor to factoring company.

Step 3

Factor Will Verify Invoices

The factoring company will verify the invoices.

Step 4

You Receive Cash Within 24 Hours

Your company receives cash within 24 hours.

WHy Choose Factoring?

Invoice Factoring Benefits

Factor Finders benefits small and medium sized companies that serve a wide variety of industries.


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