Immediate Funds

Receive a cash advance on your qualified receivables in less than 24 hours.

Eliminate Bad Debt

A non-recourse factoring program assumes the risk of bad debt, eliminating any expense from your income statement.

Collections Services

Factors handle debt collections in a professional and productive manner, allowing your staff to focus on high value-added activities.

Invoice Processing

Handling invoice processing, including posting invoices to a computer, depositing checks, entering payments,etc.

Eliminate Overhead

Reduce overhead costs associated with processing invoices and eliminate the overhead costs from collections.

Better Credit Terms

Offer more generous credit terms to your customers to increase your sales without negatively impacting your cash flow.

Unlimited Capital

Factoring is the only source of business financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes available to you.

Early Payment Discounts

If you can save two percent of your cost by paying bills within ten days, this adds up to big savings long-term.

No Debt

Factoring is not a small business loan; there is no debt, no monthly payments to ‘muddy up’ your balance sheet and make it hard to get other types of financing.