Top 12 Must Have Apps for Staffing Agencies

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Staffing agencies can use smartphone apps to recruit candidates on-the-go in ways that were never before thought possible.

These days, everyone lives on their phones: reading news, talking to friends, taking pictures, listening to music, and much more. Now more than ever, staying mobile is key to staying relevant. With its trending popularity in recent years, more and more people have been using social media to recruit employees. The convenience, simplicity, and speed of mobile apps cannot be beat, making slow-paced recruiting a thing of the past.

Top 12 staffing apps to improve your mobile recruiting efforts:


A mobile recruiting app that you likely already have on your phone. As we know, LinkedIn provides a space for professionals everywhere to connect. But, their features are much more expansive than we’d expect. Not only should you download the traditional LinkedIn app, but you should also consider taking advantage of the nine other apps they have to offer. Each app is built with a specific purpose that helps advance your staffing agency’s recruiting effort. LinkedIn Lookup is for connecting, while LinkedIn Learning is for skill building, to name a few. These apps for staffing firms offer a convenient way to maintain your LinkedIn profile and find the most qualified candidates on the market. Recruiting using LinkedIn is fast, easy and is available right at your fingertips.


Indeed has been named the world’s leading job site. Thousands of job seekers turn to Indeed to browse and apply for open positions. Because of its constantly refreshing nature and its widespread audience, this recruitment app is a vital tool for your staffing agency to use. With a mobile device, you can post jobs effortlessly. Then, interested employees can save your ads to their account and apply right from their phones. The site is simple and popular and the app is ideal for staffing recruiters—what more could you ask for?


Apart from Indeed, when people think of job-posting sites, many minds go straight to Glassdoor. Both sites function with similar goals: post available positions, organize them geographically and make applying easy. While recruiters and job seekers alike have become familiar with the web format of Glassdoor, the app version provides a quick way to save, report, and research available positions. Recruiters can take advantage of the uncomplicated app design to notify candidates of job openings through their staffing agency.


The Workable app is an incredibly effective recruiting tool. In one app, your staffing agency can search for, hire, research, and track candidates. Once you find a candidate, you can easily contact them using Skype, email, or SMS. The Workable app for recruitment also makes communication easier by allowing you to collaborate with your team and sync your emails. Essentially, this app caters to your communication preferences by giving you options, making connecting with employees simple and convenient.

Rakuna Recruit:

Rakuna Recruit prides itself on being the mobile solution to hiring millennials. Essentially, this app serves as a staffing firm’s best friend during recruiting events and job fairs. Candidates’ resumes can be documented and organized, and your evaluations of them can be logged immediately. Overall, the app helps you remember, qualify, and follow up with all your prospective employees easily and effectively. As such, Rakuna makes campus and job fair recruiting effortless.


Think social media doesn’t have a huge impact on job marketing efforts? Think again. Millions of people use social media every day, and its popularity continues to grow exponentially. If your staffing agency doesn’t have a Twitter, it’s time to get one. Twitter is perfect for updating candidates on open positions, upcoming job fairs, company history, and more. In 140 characters or less, you can recruit by informing your audience of available jobs as often as you’d like per day. Twitter also allows you to provide a relevant link and picture with every post, which increases user engagement significantly. Staffing agency recruiters should have this app on their phones because believe it or not, 81% of millennials check Twitter at least once a day. So, this social media platform is the perfect place to recruit young, eager talent.


Facebook is the leading social media network, harboring the profiles of over 79% of American internet users. With so many people on Facebook, the site is practically brimming with potential employees. Using Facebook to recruit is a smart way for staffing agencies to connect with candidates and remain relevant. Facebook’s app offers an easy-to-use mobile version of their site so that you can keep up with applicants on the go. It provides quite a few different ways to communicate through Facebook Messenger, company pages, public posts, and more. So, using the app will ensure that you never miss out on hiring an eager worker.


Jobr is a relatively new, innovative way of recruiting. Rather than the typical search and apply method, Jobr uses a format very similar to Tinder. Users can connect their LinkedIn accounts to the app and search through hundreds of available job postings one by one, swiping right for any position that seems appealing. Then, recruiters can contact their interested applicants to answer any inquiries or schedule an interview. Jobr was recently bought out by Monster, boosting the app’s popularity and even exceeding the success rate of Monster’s own app.


Like Jobr, Switch is an app that uses a Tinder-style format to make job searching and recruiting easier. Switch’s platform works using an anonymous matching process that allows mutually interested employees and employers to contact each other. Switch has succeeded tremendously in pulling job information from many different, popular sites to keep the app fresh constantly. Staffing agencies with many available positions would thrive using Switch because it provides a no-hassle way for potential candidates to discover open jobs. Right now, the app is free to everyone, so take advantage of it!


The Blonk application uses the swipe technique in a different way to help recruit candidates. Job seekers have the option of remaining anonymous, then are notified when they match with your staffing agency. After a match is created, you can contact prospective employees to set up interviews or learn more about them. One unique feature that sets Blonk apart from Jobr and Switch is that it allows candidates to make personalized, statement videos that provide insight into their personality. Employers can receive a good, brief idea of their candidates’ character before reaching out to ensure that they would fit in a particular business environment. This is a mobile app great for hiring and finding new potential candidates.


HootSuite makes it possible to manage all of your social media profiles and company pages, which means it’s one of the best apps for recruiters because social media is crucial to success. You can schedule posts ahead of time, so it’s easier to keep your social media pages organized and up-to-date. You can also analyze your social media reports in HootSuite and make sure your team is doing everything they can to ensure staffing agency success through all social media platforms.


This app is great for staffing agency recruiters who want to organize their inbox. With hundreds of emails that need to be sorted through, having a system of organization can make your life a lot easier. Sortd also allows you to share your list with other recruiters on your team quickly and efficiently.

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The days of yellow-page job searches are over. It’s time for your staffing company to go mobile. Smartphone and tablet apps provide an excellent platform for you to recruit candidates at the touch of a button. And, with so many options available, the candidate pools are endless. Stay connected with these top twelve recruiting apps and you’ll see just how easy hiring can be.

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