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Change Healthcare Attack: Navigating Disruption with Factor Finders


The recent ransomware attack on Change Healthcare, a major healthcare technology provider, has caused significant disruptions in the healthcare industry. As a company dedicated to supporting businesses, including those in healthcare, Factor Finders understand the critical role of reliable financial services, especially during times of uncertainty.

Understanding the Impact of the Change Healthcare Attack

The ramifications of the cyberattack were widespread and profound, affecting various aspects of healthcare delivery. It interfered with essential services, leading to considerable operational and monetary upheavals. The ability for claims processing came to a standstill, along with access to medical records and executing lab orders. Providers in the healthcare sector found themselves scrambling to fulfill service requests while patients faced uncertainty regarding their care.

As financial stability within healthcare institutions teetered on edge due to this disruption, every moment became critical. Pharmacies experienced direct impacts as well. Customers at locations like CVS had no choice but to pay out-of-pocket prices for their prescriptions because the attack prevented insurance transactions. They were instructed to come back later when systems hopefully would be restored so that insurance processing could take place and they might receive reimbursements where applicable.

Factor Finders: A Reliable Partner in Uncertain Times

Unlike traditional lenders who rely heavily on credit scores and financial statements, Factor Finders utilizes invoice factoring, a financing solution that leverages the value of outstanding invoices to provide immediate cash flow. This approach allows us to support businesses regardless of their financial history or current market conditions.

While the Change Healthcare attack presents unique challenges, Factor Finders remains fully operational and committed to providing financial solutions to businesses. Here’s how:

  • Alternative Funding Solutions: We offer a diverse portfolio of funding solutions beyond those reliant on Change Healthcare. We can work with you to explore options like invoice factoring, purchase order financing, and asset-based lending, ensuring your business continues to receive the working capital it needs.
  • Direct Connections: We maintain strong relationships with a wide network of lenders and financial institutions. This allows us to connect you with alternative funding sources quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact on your operations.
  • Experienced Guidance: Our team has extensive experience navigating various business challenges, including those related to disruptions in the healthcare sector. We can provide personalized guidance and support as you navigate this situation and find the best solution for your specific needs.

Impacted by the Change Healthcare outage?

Factor Finders is here to help businesses navigate the disruptions.

Contact us today to discuss your specific situation and how we can support your business.

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